>Slip Stitch Swatch

>Here is the tension swatch I knitted today using the 4ply wool from the abandonned jumper:

Slip Stitch Sample

I used punchcard number 12 from the basic set with the carriage set on T8 and slip stitch.

I’m going to use the Knit Radar. I don’t know if it will be crew or a V neck yet.

After I took the photo I decided to wash it and put it into the machine with this jumper and this jumper.

I went to get them out a few minutes ago as the woollens cycle should have finished. The machine was still running. I had set it on a normal 40 degree wash. Oops.

The swatch should be alright and I think the burgandy top is acrylic so that should be alright as well. However, the grey top is an angora and acrylic mix – I have a feeling it might be ruined.

It’s a while since I’ve managed to ruin anything in the machine.

I’ll let you know if it survives or not – the machine is still running at the moment.

Talk to you later,


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