>It Wasn’t Too Bad

>The washing machine disaster wasn’t really a disaster after all.

The only damage that the grey angora/acrylic jumper has suffered is that it’s not as fluffy as it was before. It hasn’t changed shape or anything so it’s still wearable.

The only thing that happened to the burgandy jumper and the tension swatch is that all the fluffy bits off the angora jumper have stuck to them.

I think I got away with it this time.

Talk to you later,


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4 Responses to >It Wasn’t Too Bad

  1. Tracy says:

    >So, I'd tried to say on your last post that I thought you were being much calmer than I expected about the impending catastrophe… but Blogger ate the comment.Now, except for fuzzballs, it sounds as though your jumpers survived relatively unscathed. Makes me smile. And if you'd gotten in a twist about it beforehand, it would have been a wasted rant. You are a wise, wise woman 😉

  2. Susan says:

    >I just laugh at myself and call myself names when I do stupid things like that now – I think it's an age thing.

  3. alex says:

    >hi again sorry your having problems, by the way you know like you used the bond magicord to make that braided scarf well could i just use my knitting machine to make the icord because i don't have a magicord and i would like to have ago at making it.

  4. Susan says:

    >Why don't you just try it and see what happens?

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