4ply Gloves

4ply GlovesThe pattern for these gloves is from a 1958 issue of Modern Knitting.

They are boy’s gloves, I knitted the largest size and they fit me perfectly.

The yarn I used is Regia self-patterning 4ply sock wool.

They were knitted on the Knitmaster 4500 which is a slightly different gauge to the modern standard gauge machines so you will probably have to use a different tension setting to that stated in the instructions.


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14 Responses to 4ply Gloves

  1. K2p2ssk says:

    Keep on knitting and sharing!! You are wonderful to help inspire other knitters like yourself! Thank you!!!!

  2. Lynn says:

    these are gorgeous! Thanks for the pattern.

  3. Jane says:

    I decided to try these gloves Susy, I did the rib and the 28 rows. but got confused about the thumb opening the part which says “method as for buttonholes” then knit 22 rows. could you explain please?

    • susyranner says:

      Knit stitches 19 – 28 with a length of waste yarn, leaving them in work, then just knit the 22 rows. When the waste yarn is removed it will leave live stitches which you should put onto a stitch holder. These stitches will be used to make the two sides of the thumb.

      • Jane says:

        Thank you Susy, for answering my question. I’ll try it again over the weekend. I havn’t been machine knitting for long. So lots to learn but without the likes of people like yourself and also Diana Sullivan I wouldn’t have learned the amount I have so far. Love all your patterns and inspiration. thankyou for sharing.

        • jane says:

          TA DA!!! thanks to your help Susy, thankyou I managed to knit a glove. I did the rib part on the ribber and had short fingers and cast them off each time. keep up the good work.

          • susyranner says:

            That’s great! I must admit I had to look up the instructions on how to do the opening for the thumb (the method as for buttonholes) – I couldn’t remember how it was done.

      • I too had this question! Thank you for answering Susy!
        (In hand knitting this is called an “after thought” thumb)

  4. kevinallen2691 says:

    So I’m reading the pattern and just after knitting the rows following the thumb opening it says hang x# stitches from center back…. Does it mean center-back of hand? Does mean center of work? As many times as I read the directions before I started knitting this just doesn’t make sense.

  5. kevinallen2691 says:

    I gave it a go, and sorted it out. I made a glove out of scrap yarn just as a tester. I’ll finish sewing it and see how well I like it. I might be making one with yarn I actually like. 🙂

    • susyranner says:

      Glad you figured it out. I’m posting another glove pattern shortly that is knitted in a different way, you might prefer it over this one.

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