>A Start And A Finish


Earlier in the year a friend of my Mam gave me a half knitted jumper in Richard Poppleton’s Rimini. Her daughter had started knitting it and couldn’t be bothered to finish it. I pulled it all out and wound it into balls with the intention of knitting a Summer top with it. Of course Summer came and went and I never did make that top.

Last week I decided to knit a tension swatch with it and work out if there was enough to make a jumper. Using Knitware and my handy set of scales I worked out that there would easily be enough to make a long sleeved jumper.

So far I’ve only knitted the back:

When I can motivate myself I’ll knit the rest of it.

It’s knitted on the Bond so I had to pack my SK280 away so that I could set the Bond up on the knitting table.

Before I started on this jumper I used up the 10 oz of Lister Lavenda Double Crepe that I mentioned in a previous post. I wasn’t sure what to make with it as there was so little of it – this was the best I could come up with:


This was also knitted on the Bond. I know it’s plain and boring but I really couldn’t think of anything else to do with the wool.

talk to you later,


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8 Responses to >A Start And A Finish

  1. alex says:

    >did you use the bond ribber for the cuffs or did you just use the latch tool

  2. Susan says:

    >I used the latch tool – I figured it would be quicker than messing about trying to get the ribber set up.

  3. Sheryl Evans says:

    >It isn't boring. I make them all the time for my g'son & he wears them to school on days when a sweater would be too much. It will keep you nice & warm at work. Sheryl

  4. Susan says:

    >Thanks Sheryl.

  5. w says:

    >Hello Susan,I have been following your blog for quite some time and find your work quite nice and interesting. I have a short sleeved sweater and added some chain stitch embroidery to make it less boring. You might give it a thought.Heike in Nova Scotia

  6. Susan says:

    >Thanks for the suggestion, Heike.

  7. Phil says:

    >Hi SusanIts looking good!!! Im intrigued to know about your set of scales, what are they exactly? and how do they work? Are they especially for the bond? or are they like the Knitmaster scales?

  8. Susan says:

    >Hi Phil.The scales I mentioned are actually weighing scales. They are mini digital scales that will weigh up to 100g. I weighed the tension swatch which was 40 sts x 60 rows, entered the figures into Knitware and it worked out exactly how much yarn I would need to complete the jumper.

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