>Trying Something – Second Attempt


I had another go at the short rowing pattern that I tried yesterday. This time I think it turned out much better:


The neck shaping was a bit tricky, I think if I ever do this again I will do a cut and sew neckline – it will be much easier.

I used the Knit Radar pattern for a cardigan but I don’t think I have enough wool left to knit both fronts so I’m not sure if I’ll get it finished. It doesn’t matter if the fronts aren’t exactly the same so I might be visiting the charity shops to see if I can find someone else’s leftovers to finish it off.

Would I wear it? I don’t know – would you?

Talk to you later,



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7 Responses to >Trying Something – Second Attempt

  1. Sheryl Evans says:

    >I would wear it. It is different & eye catching. I hope you finish it. I want to see how it turns out.

  2. Susan says:

    >Thanks, Sheryl.

  3. Fibrebender says:

    >The second on is much better. I'd wear it.

  4. Susan says:

    >Thanks, Fibrebender.

  5. Z of ZKNITZ says:

    >I like the colors. It looks like it's going to turn out really nice.

  6. Susan says:

    >Thanks, Z.

  7. Z of ZKNITZ says:

    >You're Welcome!

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