>Jumper Started


I’ve made a start on the hooded jumper.

Jumper Back

I’ve knitted the back. Not very exciting, I know but I thought I’d show you it anyway.

I was going to do the front with a keyhole neck but when I chose that option in Knitware it informed me that the hood wouldn’t fit properly and I would have to modify it. So I changed it to a crew neck instead. I could probably have figured it out if I could have been bothered but I chose the easy option instead.

I’m hoping to get some more of it done tomorrow.

Talk to you later,



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2 Responses to >Jumper Started

  1. Alex says:

    >I think it looking great so far, by the way were those ribs done by hand or did you break out the Bond ribber.

  2. Susan says:

    >I didn't use the ribber I just latched it up by hand, I thought it would be quicker.

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