>Tension Swatches

>I’ve started re-knitting the hooded jumper, so far I’ve done the front and back.

It’s knitting up differently this time because of the difference in tension between the Bond keyplate 2 and the SK280 tension 9. The tension on the Silver Reed is tighter so the fabric is a little firmer than it was when I knitted it on the Bond.

I took a photo to compare the tensions

Comparing Tension Swatches

You can see that the stitches on the Bond sample are a little bigger. I just hope I have enough of the wool to finish the jumper as I’ll obviously using more of it this time with it being a tighter tension.

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3 Responses to >Tension Swatches

  1. Alex says:

    >I would of thought you use more yarn if the tention was looser.

  2. Susan says:

    >I think you use more because you're knitting more stitches per inch.

  3. Alex says:

    >Oh right I wouldn't of thought of that.

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