Can Anybody Help?

There are some unanswered questions on the message board so I’m re-posting them here in the hope that somebody reading this might be able to help. Any help would be much appreciated.

Carolyn asks:

Hello, I’ve been reading that KM302 is the same as Studio 302 or 303, or Singer 888. I am looking for an optional gold colored needle that is approximately an 6.5mm needle. Do you know of a place that still handles a replacement needle?
Thank you.

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Alan asks about the Toyota K55 Linker/Cast Off Carriage:

Hi – I have been trying to use the above linker to cast off the final row of stitches. The problem is, the linker removes the kintting beautifully but does not cast off, the knitting just falls from the machine with open stitches, the same effect as moving the knit carriage along without wool. Does anyone know where I am going wrong. Kind Regards – Alan

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And finally, Pauline asks:

I have a brother KH836 and ribber. I have started a 4 ply 1/2 Fisherman’s rib man’s jumper probably 150 times +!!! on the right hand side of the knitting I seem to be dropping the occasional stitch – left side is fine. Ignoring that for the moment, when I get to the shaping on the right where I have to decrease 4 stitches on next two rows as soon as I start to decrease on the right it drops further stitches I have replaced the needles on the right – no change. The knitting is weighted well on both sides – I just cannot get past this hurdle – does anyone have a clue what might be going on – is it me or the machine. Otherwise it knits fine so I don’t think it is the machine. If anyone can offer some help I would be really grateful

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Thanks to everyone who uses the message board, it has proved to be more popular than I thought it would be and I hope you will continue to use it when you’re in need of some help or advice.


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2 Responses to Can Anybody Help?

  1. Jemajo says:

    Reply for Pauline – sorry about replying here but I can’t seem to access the other link!

    I had a similar problem with my Brother KH836 but my problem was on the left hand side.
    Diana Sullivan ( had a great post on this problem and after reading it, I removed the brushes off the main carriage and replaced them with rubber wheels from the Brother KH260 carriage (any rubber wheels from Brother will do – these were handy for me). It worked a charm and there haven’t been any lost stitches since.
    Hope this helps you as there is nothing more frustrating than constantly dropping stitches without good cause!

  2. Pauline says:

    Thanks for your tip, but I have tried again and worked out that one of the weights was actually hitting the carriage as it moved across. A simple thing, but I just couldnt see it at the time. I am up and running again now – frustration over…..until the next time

    Pauline x

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