That Blue Yarn Again

I created a pattern in Knitware for a jumper in that awful blue yarn. It was a hip length, ballet neck jumper with a folded hem.

I started knitting the back and after I’d folded the hem I knitted two more rows in stocking stitch then did a six row pattern using eyelets to make a simple lace pattern.

It seemed to be going well but when I’d got past the armhole shaping and was nearly at the back neck shaping it was obvious that it just wasn’t going to work. The hem was way too heavy and just by looking at it I knew that it was going to stick out and look stupid.

I removed it from the machine.

The reason that I’d made it with a folded band was because I just know I won’t be able to knit it with the Ribmaster to make a proper rib and I think re-forming the stitches won’t work either.

So how was I going to do it? I’m so thick at times. It’s obvious isn’t it? Do a mock rib hem – why didn’t I think of that in the first place?

I created a new pattern. This time it’s just a regular length rather than hip length and I’m not doing the rows of eyelets. It’s also going to be a v-neck rather than a ballet neck.

I knitted the back this afternoon and it’s much better than the first one I knitted. The mock rib hem looks much better than the plain hem I did last time.

There may come a time, I don’t know when that might be, when I manage to get something right first time without having to pull it out and re-knit it. Maybe the next one I knit will be the one.

Talk to you later,


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9 Responses to That Blue Yarn Again

  1. Alex says:

    oh my gosh susan I hardly ever get it right the first time lol I hate it when things go qrong and I have to re knit it, I feel like I have wasted my time but sometimes when it starts to go right something else goes wrong lol so you are not the only one who can’t always get it right the first time, we just have to learn from our mistakes and hopefully not make them agan.

    • susyranner says:

      I know but it’s so annoying, isn’t it? Every time I have to re-start something I think to myself “I could have had this finished by now.”

  2. I agree with Alex’s comment (above) 100% as it pretty much sums up me at work too.
    You’ll get there Sue.

  3. Maureen says:

    ditto to all the above. It makes me feel better though that I’m not the only one making mistakes. Also I looked at that program which seems like it would be amazing but I don’t think it will run on my computer because mine has Windows 7 Home edition 64 bit. Darn it!

  4. I prefer to view my knitting adventures as an increase in entertainment hours for my money. If I go to the movie theatre with Mr. W., the cost of admission plus snacks is nearly $40 for at most 2 hours of entertainment. We do that about every 7 years, I freak out and swear ‘never again’ and then wait long enough that I forget the freak out.

    I can be entertained for MONTHS by a $5 skein of sock yarn. PLUS I learn stuff.

    Glass half full, my friend. 🙂

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