Using KR7 Pattern Sheets In The KR6 Knit Radar

The Knitmaster 700 has a built in Knit Radar which takes KR7 pattern sheets. The new SK280 that I bought doesn’t have a built in Knit Radar so I have attached the KR6 which takes the narrower pattern sheets.

I noticed that when I made a set in sleeve jumper on the 700 using the Knit Radar, the fit of it was different from the ones I had made using the KR6. The ribbing was deeper and it had more ease in it. I think this might be because the KR7 came out a few years after the KR6 and the patterns were updated to reflect the fashion of the time.

Knit Radar Patterns

Left KR7, Right KR6

I prefer the fit of the KR7 jumper but how could I use that pattern sheet in my KR6?

I compared both the pattern sheets:

Knit Radar Sheets

Then the light bulb came on in my head – I could make my own.

I used masking tape to secure the KR7 sheet to the table then taped a sheet of tracing paper over it (I actually used greaseproof paper).

Then using a pencil I traced the left half of the pattern, including the centre line. I only traced my size as that’s the only one I’m likely to use – I don’t knit for anyone else.

Next I cut a sheet of paper the same size as a KR6 pattern. The paper I used was decorator’s lining paper. I drew a line from top to bottom about half an inch or so from the left edge and secured it to the table with masking tape.

I then flipped the tracing paper over and lined the centre line that I’d traced with the line I’d just drawn on my sheet of lining paper and again secured the tracing paper with masking tape.

Then I carefully drew over all the pencil lines, thus transferring the pattern onto the lining paper. After removing the tracing paper I drew over the lines again just to make them stand out more so the pattern would be easier to read.

Here’s the result:

Home Made Knit Radar Sheet

This is the pattern I am using at the moment for the pink tuck stitch jumper.

I have transferred the rest of the KR7 patterns to KR6 sized sheets so they are all just ready to use as and when I need them.

It would be just as easy to convert KR6 patterns to KR7 sized sheets if you needed to.

I hope some of you find this useful.

Talk to you later,



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23 Responses to Using KR7 Pattern Sheets In The KR6 Knit Radar

  1. I remember my mother had dozens of paper patterns to make things from, and she and friends used to swap them. Thats a long, long time ago 🙂
    Are you getting my posts ok, Harry

  2. I see it now, i missed the word blogs 🙂

  3. Maureen says:

    You are so clever. My machine is a 700 with a built in radar but I don’t have any pre made patterns for it. I have some blank sheets but no originals to copy from. Any idea where to get a set of KR7 pattern sheets?

    I really want to try the knit radar.

    • susyranner says:

      You could try doing a Google search or having a look on ebay.

    • angelina campbell says:

      i have set kr7 on ebay as new .my user name is “angeliclean” i teach knitting in uganda as a volunteer and sell parts that will be of no use there so i can buy spares for donated machines that have parts missing

      • Maureen says:

        Oh my goodness, I just found this. Do you still have the KR7 pattern set for sale?

  4. Phil says:

    Thats a great idea Susan -now you can’t say you didn’t need patience to do that! I must use my knit radar more often!

  5. Maureen says:

    Hi again,

    I have a Studio Model 700 which I believe is the same as the Knitmaster 700. I have all the rulers for them just no paper patterns

    I have found a place on ebay that is based in the UK that sells both KR6 and KR7 patterns. Although they only have children’s KR7 patterns right now.

    I think I will order the KR7 patterns for childrens and see how i do with them then look for some adult ones if I like using the radar.

    Your post was very helpful because I was able to ascertain from it that I need KR7 patterns and that at some point if I can’t get adult patterns in KR7 I can buy KR6 and convert them.

    Thanks so much.

    Next I will have to go view your videos on knit radar knitting again.

    • susyranner says:

      If you keep checking ebay you might be lucky with the adult patterns – that’s where I got mine from. It did take a little while but I got them in the end.

  6. christine says:

    You could use the KR7 patterns for the KR6 simply by folding them in half and using them that way.

  7. glenys says:

    i have a half scale knit radar dos it mean its just half the pattern im using and can copy patterns just using half the diagrams

  8. Teela says:

    My problem is I have a KR7 and the blue gauge ruler for my chunky 155. I do not have any patterns or the other rulers for it. Is there any way I can use my rulers from the KR6 I have?

    • SusyR says:

      here is a PDF of the scans I did of the KR7 scales. If you print them out you might want to use your KR6 scales to check against them to make sure they came out right.

  9. Knit for You Designer says:

    Where can I buy knit radar rulers for the Kr6?

  10. elvis says:

    no lo puede poner en la nube para descargarlo

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