Knit Weave Fail

Once again I’ve had a fight with that awful blue yarn. That was the yarn that refused to knit on the SK280 and I ended up knitting it on the old Knitmaster4500.

I decided to use what was left of it to make a knit weave top, the blue stuff being the yarn that was woven. Surely that should have worked, shouldn’t it?

The warning signs were there when I knitted the tension swatch but I chose to ignore them. The yarn was struggling to run between the tension discs on the mast. I convinced myself it would be alright and started on the top. It wasn’t alright. Even with the discs set at the loosest tension that bloody awful yarn still struggled to run freely. I even pulled the discs back further than they should have been and stuck parcel tape on them to keep them back. It helped a little bit but the yarn still kept sticking.

I got as far as the armhole shaping then gave up in disgust. The blue yarn didn’t weave in a few places and it looked a bit of a mess

Knit Weave Fail

If it had just been in that one place I might have carried on but it happened in two or three places so I decided it just wasn’t worth it.

I still intend to make a knit weave top only it won’t be with that awful blue yarn.

The only thing I can think of to do with it now is to set up the Weavemaster and make a woven cushion cover or something. I still can’t set it up with the knitting machine attached as Billy has yet to make the second bracket for it so it would just be plain with no pattern at all.

I could just stick it in a charity sack and get rid of it so that someone else can have the pleasure of trying to knit with it. Unless anyone reading this would like it. If any of you think you could use it let me know and I’ll send you it, there is one full hank and a little that is wound into balls.

Talk to you later,



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6 Responses to Knit Weave Fail

  1. Alex says:

    I bet that yarn would knit just beautifully on the LK 150 but you would have to do the weaving by hand or get that little attachment. please do not let this yarn beet you Susan you are to good of a knitter.

    • susyranner says:

      I’ve just about had enough of that blue stuff now and the thought of winding that hank into a ball doesn’t exactly fill me with enthusiasm!

  2. anny says:

    que maravilla, lo haces con tarjeta

    • susyranner says:

      If you’re asking me which punchcard I used it was no.9 from the basic Knitmaster set.
      If you’re asking me something else then Google didn’t translate it very well so I don’t really know what your question was.

  3. Maureen says:

    You did great to get a sweater out of it. Seems like it really isn’t suitable for machine knitting. If you donate it maybe a hand knitter would make something out of it and you wouldn’t have the frustration of trying to get it to work.

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