Knit Weaving

I found a pattern in an old magazine for a knit weave bag/case so I had a go at making it:

Knit Weave Case

Inside Knit Weave Case

I know it’s nothing spectacular but I wanted to make something quick and easy so I could make a video showing how to do knit weaving on the machine.

Using 4ply(UK) cast on 70sts. Knit 20 rows at T6. Knit weave 96 rows using punchcard 11 from the basic set then knit a further 20 rows plain and cast off. Then just sew it up and add some kind of fastening.

I learnt something new as I was making the video, well new to me anyway.

Usually when I do a closed edge, e wrap cast on I pull the needles right out to holding position before knitting the first 4 – 6 rows which prevents the stitches from coming off. Today I tried just leaving the weaving brushes down and it worked, the stitches stayed on the needles. This is probably something that most of you know already but I didn’t, so it’s something for me to remember in future.

Anyway, here’s the video:

As well as this small bag/case, there was a pattern for a larger shoulder bag which I might also have a go at. It’s made just the same as the little one except that you cast on 140sts and knit 30 rows plain. Then knit weave for 288 rows followed by a further 30 rows plain and cast off. Sew it up as for the small one and make a handle. In the magazine they made three cords and plaited them together.

I hope some of you find the video useful.

Talk to you later,



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8 Responses to Knit Weaving

  1. Andrea says:

    Great as usual. Good to see a small item which can be completed easily. Would make a nice pencil case. The video is super.

  2. Maureen says:

    Thanks for this. The larger one might be something that I could make for my teenage granddaughters. Put a long handle on for a shoulder bag style. If nothing else they could hang it on a coat hook and keep stuff in it. Teenage girls are very difficult to make things for lol!

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  4. SueS says:

    Thanks for the idea and video. When I first saw the picture, I thought you were going to use the metal measuring tapes cut to the length of your bag. That style is big here in quilted bags. They use the measuring tapes similar to this:
    These can then bend to open but snap back closed.

    • susyranner says:

      That’s a good idea. I have a case that came with my glasses that opens like that, I would never have thought of using a metal tape measure to do that.

  5. lorrwill says:

    Extremely helpful video. Thanks, Susy!

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