Sew As You Go Jumper

This reader’s idea for sewing up jumpers as you knit them is from the April 1974 edition of Modern Knitting:

Knit both the sleeves first, then knit the back.
When you reach the raglan armhole, pick up the first stitch on the sleeve shaping and place it on the same needle as the last stitch of the back.The sleeve must be on the opposite side to the cam box and decreases must be worked before the stitch is picked up.

Knit one row and then pick up the first stitch of the other sleeve in the same way – and so on.

When you knit the front, you can join the side seams in the same way. When you come to the armhole, work as for back.

This makes a very neat seam.

I’m all for cutting down on sewing up time but would this really save much time?

I’m also wondering how you would add the neckband.

Obviously the sleeve seams would still need to be sewn up, or would they? Would it be possible to knit them circular using the ribber? I thought it might be possible to knit them from the top down, starting on the main bed then increasing down to the armholes. Then put half of the stitches onto the ribber, set the machine for circular knitting and carry on decreasing at one edge only, down to the cuff. But then how would you knit the cuff, any ideas?

Has anyone ever tried doing a sew as you go jumper and if so, how well did it work?

I’m thinking this would only work well with a raglan jumper but I could be wrong.

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5 Responses to Sew As You Go Jumper

  1. Phil says:

    The idea of it sounds really good. I just know I would make a mistake somewhere – maybe I could try this with baby sweater and see how it goes?

  2. steel breeze says:

    I think the only big problem with this is that knitted stitches are not square, and you could get to the top of the shoulder and not have picked up half of the sleeve edge (or have picked up too much). I guess it’s possible with a little maths – I’m thinking a simple drop sleeved jumper here (back side edge is straight).

    Raglan sleeved jumpers would be easier because the raglan seams ought to be the same length.

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