Mix And Match Jumper

You know some days when you get up it’s a bit chilly so you wear a jumper? Then as the day goes on it warms up a bit, do you change out of your jumper or do you just pull the sleeves up? I was thinking about this a couple of weeks ago and I thought, what if you could just remove the bottom half of the sleeve and make it a short sleeved jumper. I could knit sleeves like that, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Then I thought, why not do the same with the body of the jumper, knit it in panels that you could swap around to change the look of it.

So my little brain started ticking and I put my idea onto a piece of paper.

I could see no reason why my ‘brilliant’ idea wouldn’t work so I bid on a couple of ebay auctions for cheap job lots of wool, which I won and when they arrived I set to and knitted a few jumper tops, panels and sleeves.

I now realise I am going to need lots and lots of buttons for joining the panels together.

I also realise that because the panels are edged with ribbing they are pulling in a bit too much, so my ‘brilliant’ idea might not be so brilliant after all.

That’s not quite how I had wanted it to look.

I think I might change the design slightly and instead of knitting two seperate panels from the bottom to the under arms, I’ll just make one. I think that would look better.

I’m still going to sew buttons on the panels that I’ve already knitted and see how it looks and feels when I wear it as you can’t really tell properly when it’s just pinned together and on the dummy.

I could try and pull the ribbing out a bit and steam it so it stays, do you think that would help?

I’ll post more progress photos as I get more panels knitted. I’m hoping this doesn’t end up as a complete failure but if it does, at least I’ve got plenty of wool to make more jumpers.

Talk to you later,



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9 Responses to Mix And Match Jumper

  1. knit4profit says:

    This is a very interesting concept Susan. I like it as drawn with the designs, however, I would use zippers near the design borders as to hide separations. Perhaps you can place an overlap ruffle/lace at the chest for a cropped sweater etc. I would like to see the finished product!

  2. Tephra says:

    I like the concept. Maybe with hems rather than ribbing though, to avoid the blousing, I’m tempted to try it myself, probably with ribbing at the underbust but hems elsewhere. I think ribbing at the underbust would add some definition there, which is a plus for me since it’s my smallest torso measurement.

  3. Bijoux says:

    Good concept, but I wouldn’t have a ribbed edge to each section. Maybe it might work a bit better if it was all knitted in rib with buttoned sections or, as you have a double bed, is it possible to knit in a sort of moss stitch, which is better at laying flat? If you can do this, try a more tunic design which is looser around the body.

  4. Been not on line for a while, bu hey, there you are with another great–if ot brilliant–idea.
    I had a coat that had removable sleeves, attached with a zipper and the teeth would catch on the sweaters/jumpers, bad idea. The buttons are great since they would not catch on, or snag the yarn of any sweater. I think that maybe the ribbing could be narrower, so as to diminish the blousing, if you did not want the blousing. Perhaps snaps would work, but…millions of sewing stitches. Maybe beads of some sort for embelishement as well as function…so the button holes would be one stitch, rathen than an actual worked button hole. I’m just thinking ‘out loud’…I still love your blog and videos…always so inspiring. ^__^

  5. lzbthmcmullen says:

    What about garter stitch instead of ribbing? It means some extra work on the machine, but it would not draw in like ribbing, and would still look good as a bottom hem.

  6. susyranner says:

    Thanks for all of your suggestions, everyone.

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