Swatching On The Bond Ribber

Yesterday I packed away the SK280 and set up the dreaded Bond Ribber. I say dreaded because every time I try to set it up and use it I have problems with it. It has caused me so much grief in the past that I nicknamed it Beelzebub.

Yesterday, unbelievably, it behaved itself impeccably. There was no shouting, swearing or throwing things across the room. All was calm and relaxed.

Bond Ribber

I had one ball of DK so I decided to try out a few of the stitches from the instruction book and pattern book. The yarn was flecked and did not photograph very well but here are the swatches I managed to knit:

1x1 Rib
1×1 Rib

2x1 Rib 2x1 Rib (2)
2×1 Rib, both sides

2x2 Rib
2×2 Rib

3x1 Rib Pattern
3×1 Rib Pattern

Fisherman's Rib
Fisherman’s Rib

Basket Stitch Basket Stitch (2)
Basket Stitch, both sides


Diagonal Mock Cable
Diagonal Mock Cable

Tuck Rib Stitch
Tuck Rib stitch

The last one isn’t in either of the Bond Ribber books, it’s just one I tried out to see if it would work.

All of the rib patterns involve a lot of transfers between beds so they are a bit slow. Having said that, I can knit them a lot faster on the machine than I could ever hope to knit them by hand. I am hopelessly slow at hand knitting, which is why I started machine knitting in the first place.

I am hoping to eventually knit a jumper on the Bond Ribber but unfortunately I can’t afford to buy any yarn at the moment. If I ever manage to find myself a job and start earning again that will be one of the first things I spend my wages on!

Talk to you later,


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