As there is no knitting to report and isn’t likely to be for some time, I thought I’d try’s ‘Random Post’ and ‘Reblog’ features. I kept clicking on ‘Random Post’ until I found one that might be useful then I clicked ‘Reblog’.
I’ve never tried this before so I’m not sure what happens when I publish it. Here goes.

EDITED: It doesn’t re-post the full post, you need to click on the link at the top. (It might not have been such a good idea to try this re-blogging thing!)

My Knitting Machines And Me

>I cord can be used as a trim or edging and also to embellish your knitwear. You can plait three lengths together and sew the braid onto a jumper to give a mock cable effect.

The Bond Magicord Machine makes i cord quickly and easily. There are other similar machines available but the Bond Magicord is the one I have.

It can be a bit tricky getting it started but once you get going you can produce yards and yards of i cord in no time at all:

I found instructions online showing how to make an i cord scarf – here’s my effort that I made three years ago:


The instruction manual that came with the machine has lots of ideas on what you can make with your i cord including curtain tie backs, bags, place mats, coasters, hairslide and jewellery. I’m sure there are lots of other things…

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  1. Marge Reppenhagen says:

    i was just watching your video on making socks. And you were not happy with it. Did you ever do another one. And if so did you do a video on it. As I would love to learn how to make socks on the machine. And what size yarn did you use, I am In the US. So I am not sure what the size would be here.I have diffrent machines.a 4.5Toyota KS 895 AND Brother.that is also standard.A Bond. and a LK140.So if you have done the sock again. I would love to see how you did it. Thanks so much for your time. Marge

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