Coming Soon – More Bond Magazines

Some weeks ago I emailed Bond to ask for permission to scan more Bond magazines and offer them for download here on the blog. I waited a couple of weeks but received no reply so I emailed them again. A couple of weeks later and again I had still received no reply so I decided to try one last time and if I still received no reply I would just forget about it.

Third time lucky, they replied and after a couple more emails back and forth I received an email yesterday giving me permission provided the magazines are old and discontinued and are not among those available for sale on their website.

I have made a start with the scanning and will gradually add them to the blog over the coming days, weeks or months depending on how quickly I can get them done (and how quickly I get bored with them!).

Here is an extract from one of the magazines, from the Bond inventor and editor, Roger Curry, who explains about the two sections of the magazine :

“The Bond Collection which will be a pattern section with an encyclopedia of hints and tips to pull out and collect and the Bond Magazine  which will be a news and ideas section with articles, readers letters etc.”

This could get confusing as the original magazines from the 80s are called Bond Magazine and start at issue one and these newer ones from the 90s are also called Bond Magazine and start at issue one. I am going to eventually try and put clickable thumbnails of the front covers on the page where all the links are to make it easier to see exactly which issues you are downloading. In the meantime there will still just be text links. These newer issues are all in black and white and are only twelve pages each.

The pull out sections he mentions have all been pulled out and stored in a seperate binder so I will probably scan them all and save them as one PDF.

Then there are the Bond Collection magazines which will take a little longer to scan as they have more pages and are in colour but I will get there, eventually.

I’ll scan and upload a few at a time and post the links as I do them.

Talk to you later,


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14 Responses to Coming Soon – More Bond Magazines

  1. Maureen says:

    Thanks Susan. That will be great. I have a Knitsmart machine which is very similar to a Bond and haven’t knitted anything with it yet. The patterns will be a big help and incentive.

  2. Anne McKeel says:

    Great news ! .
    I am a new knitter and EVERYTHING is so hard to figure out on your own . Your videos are so helpful .
    Am thrilled about the Bond mags .

    Wondered which machines you use most often and what you like best about them ?
    Anne in Dallas Texas

    • susyranner says:

      I like all of my machines for different reasons. The Knitmaster 4500 for socks, the SK280 for the range and ease of stitches it can do with the help of the punchcards and the Bond for its simplicity (and because it was my first machine).

  3. Yvonne says:

    Looking forward to them Susan.Thank you.

  4. Tephra says:

    Thank you for doing all this work to preserve and share these magazines.

  5. Susan, you’re great! I have a Brother KX395 convertible and Bond patterns are very usefull for me too. I suppose that every owner of a 8 or 9 mm machine should be happy of your efforts! Thank you.

  6. P. Taylor says:

    Morning, I am pleased to inform you that I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award for your hard work at blogging! The next step is posted at my blog. Enjoy!

  7. mary says:

    thank you for getting them

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