My Knitting Machines And Me

>May Lard left me a message in the message box saying she couldn’t remember how to use the green ruler.

For you, May and anyone else who’s interested, here are the instructions from the Knit Radar manual.

The tension swatch must be knitted in the same yarn and same stitch type that you will be using for the garment.
1) Push up 35 needles on both sides of “0” on the needlebed and work the closed edge cast on.
Knit 20 rows checking the tension of the fabric.
2) After knitting 20 rows, knit 2 rows with a contrast coloured yarn. (In pattern knitting, knit 2 rows in stockinette with a contrast coloured yarn)
3)At the 30th row from contrast yarn, put yarn marks on the 21st needles from 0 by knitting a contrast yarn manually.
Then knit another 30 rows and knit 2 rows in contrast coloured yarn.

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