What To Knit Next

The wool for the basket stitch cardigan that I completed the other week came from a blanket that I knitted some years ago. As well as that wool there was also this lot:


The grey and cream in the top photo I think will end up as a short sleeved top. I watched a programme on the telly the other day and a woman who was in it was wearing a dark V neck blouse with light coloured sleeves and what looked like saddle shoulders. I thought I might try to knit something similar using the grey and cream. It won’t look anything like the one I saw on the telly but there you go.

The stuff in the middle photo is textured cotton or cotton-look yarn so I thought I might make some sort of Summer top with it. Summer? Yes, I remember that – vaguely. Maybe we’ll have one in this country sometime. Next year, perhaps? Anyway, I’m not sure exactly what style of top to make with it but it will be either short sleeved or sleeveless and definitely striped.

The odd balls in the bottom photo I will probably just use for practice as there’s not really much else I can do with them. They’ll more than likely be used in the Bond Ribber video that I’m hoping to make at the weekend.

Talk to you later,


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  1. Ann says:

    Susan – re the small balls of yarn, how about hand towel tops – you know the sort that you hang up with a loop in the kitchen. They are always useful and take very little yarn

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