I finished the saddle shoulder jumper and am a bit disappointed with it. The last time I made a saddle shoulder jumper from a pattern in one of the Bond magazines, the tops of the sleeves went across the back and joined in the centre. This one I made following a Knitware pattern and the sleeve tops stop at the neck, just like normal sleeves. So this jumper doesn’t quite look as I thought it would.

Also, I put cables down the centre of the sleeves which pulled them in slightly and made them a little tighter than they should have been. It’s not really a problem but I think I should have added a couple of extra stitches to compensate for the cables pulling it in.

Saddle Shoulder

The jumper does fit me though so at least I will still be able to wear it.

Saddle Shoulder Jumper

Talk to you later,


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14 Responses to Disappointed

  1. Lynn says:

    I Like it!!

  2. Phil says:

    It still looks lovely Susan… I have done a saddleneck one using knitware too and put cables down the arm, and it too felt a little tight. Maybe something to bare in mind for the future…

  3. Hi Susie: Why are you disappointed? I think you did a smashing job. You are so hard on yourself. I have a sneaking hunch you are Sagittarius like me Dec 8. Everything has to be perfect. Hugs to you Susie.. Shari

    • susyranner says:

      I’m just disappointed that the shoulders didn’t turn out the way I was expecting them too.
      You’re right, I’m Sagittarius – Dec 10th.

  4. Maureen says:

    I think it’s great too. Good point about the extra stitches, will put that one to memory as I would like to knit a saddle sleeve sweater at some point.

  5. Maureen says:

    Nice seams, do you have a linker or do you join seams on the machine? I am still at the hand sewing stage, except for front bands. I am working at improving my sewing up. Old habits die hard, probalbly because I did a lot of hand knitting so got used to sewing the seams.

  6. Sheryl Evans says:

    I think it is beautiful. Every thing you make is gorgeous. That is perfect for a cool day outdoors. I would love to wear something like that out & about. 😉

  7. Laritza says:

    It is quite pretty, and unique. I love cables. As always your work is inspiring.

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