Ribbed Scarf

Scarf (3)

I used roughly 200g of self patterning Regia 4ply sock yarn.

(Standard gauge machine)

Push forward 60 sts on main bed then push every alternate needle back to non-working position.

Push up alternate needles on the ribber so there is one needle for each gap (the ribber is set at P5) – the left and right end stitches were on the main bed.

I did an e-wrap cast on, hung the comb and added the weights then just carried on knitting in 1×1 rib at T4 on each bed until all the wool was used up, then cast off.

Use more or less wool depending on how long you want your scarf to be – mine is very long.

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2 Responses to Ribbed Scarf

  1. Judy says:

    I am going to try this. I have a lot of sock yarn and don’t need any more socks. Nice Christmas gift!
    Thank you.

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