Videos And Patterns

Most of my videos have now been uploaded to Vimeo and the links added to the sidebar.

I will be posting some of the patterns from my now-deleted pattern blog here. I’m not sure if these patterns are of any use to anyone but I’ll post them here anway.

Apologies to anyone who reads my blog through a feed reader. I’ve been editing a few of the old posts to replace the YouTube videos with the Vimeo videos. I didn’t think these posts would show up with them being old but they did. There will be some more old posts showing from time to time so I will apologise in advance for those too.

Talk to you later,


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5 Responses to Videos And Patterns

  1. martha says:

    We don’t care ho old your patterns, most likely we have never seen them. Post away…mr

  2. martha says:

    I would like a sweater pattern for 3 little Yorkies. Please…mr

  3. Barb Miles says:

    Susan, your patterns and videos will always be a valuable resource for new knitters and old. I have referred back to your videos and posts more times than I can count and thank you for teaching me how to use my knitting machine, when I had no one to show me personally.
    Welcome back, you were missed!!!

  4. Ellen Errey says:

    Big big ditto from me. I love your work and am always your site looking for stuff. Ta muchly.

  5. SusyR says:

    Thanks, everyone.

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