Thanks, Everyone

Thank you for all your suggestions about what to do for videos and blog posts. I am now inspired!

There are a few things that I won’t be able to do, for instance I don’t have an electronic machine so I can’t help anyone with theirs and also my pattern designing capabilities are limited to the styles contained in the Knitware programme so unfortunately I won’t be able to do any custom design requests.

I now have a long list of things that I hope to do but I am still open to more suggestions so feel free to send me your ideas if you haven’t already.

I’ll update as I work my way down the list.

Thanks again, everyone.

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2 Responses to Thanks, Everyone

  1. Yuriko says:

    How about a how to baby sweater raglan stye and maybe a how to on a Yoke neck sweater. Those would be great and really helpful! Keep knitting awesome things!!

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