How To Determine The Correct Size For Making Sweaters In Knitware

Knitware is an easy to use software programme for creating patterns for hand knitters, machine knitters and crocheters. All you need to do is make a tension sample in your desired yarn, type in some numbers, make some choices from the drop down menus and let the software do the rest. Provided you’ve measured your sample correctly your finished garment should be a perfect fit.

I always wash and dry the tension sample in the same way that I will be washing and drying the finished item, then take the measurements afterwards. Doing this you may find that when you first finish the garment it doesn’t fit properly but once you’ve washed and dried it it should be OK.

To determine the correct size to use when making the sweater, measure your bust/chest and use that number as your size. In my case the measurement is 36 inches so in the size data section I would choose ‘standard woman 36’




Moving down to ‘style components’ I would choose the ease style ‘moderate’




Moving down to ‘finished dimensions’ you can see that the actual measurement of the finished garment will be 38.4 inches




Different ‘ease’ choices will give you different garment sizes:




‘Skintight’ makes the finished size 1 inch less than my actual measurement, I imagine that would be very uncomfortable.






‘Tight’ makes the finished garment 1 inch bigger than my actual size which would be quite a snug fit.






‘Comfortable’ makes a lot roomier finished garment






‘Oversized’ would give me a garment that I could probably get lost in!


As you can see, altering the ease style also alters the armhole measurement and the hem width.

Personally, I always choose ‘moderate’ as that gives a finished garment that’s not too tight or too loose. Just play around with it until you find the option that suits you best.

There are a couple of videos in the sidebar on the right that I made a while back showing you how to use Knitware which you may find useful if you’re not quite sure what to do.


(In case you’re wondering, I don’t work for Knitware or have anything to do with the company that makes it, I’m just a very satisfied user trying to encourage others to give it a try.)

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8 Responses to How To Determine The Correct Size For Making Sweaters In Knitware

  1. Sheryl says:

    Another way to get a good sized finished garment is to use the ‘custom’ sizing & input you own measurements. 🙂

    • susyranner says:

      Good point. I wasn’t sure whether or not the demo version allows you to use the custom sizing so I left that bit out. I’ve never used the custom sizing, will have to try it some time.

      • Knit for You Designer says:

        I used the custom size using my own measurements. I always select comfortable and also decreased the default ease amount.

  2. Maureen says:

    I have tried to load this program several times on my computer but I can’t get it to work. My computer runs Windows Home premium and is a 64 bit. Even following their clear instructions for 64 bit I can’t get it to work. Will try again though because after reading this I really, really want to try it.

    • susyranner says:

      I am using windows vista home premium and have had no problems but mine’s 32-bit, not 64-bit.
      If you still can’t get it to work I would do what Knit For You Designer suggests below and join the Yahoo group, maybe you’ll find some help there.

  3. Brenda says:

    I have used thier software in the past, but when I got my new laptop on Windows 7 it would not work. In speakiign to a friend, I was given to understand I would either have to do a complicated updating process or purchase a new piece of software. My preference is to purchase new but I have been unable to find a vendor that sells this software. Do you know where I can buy it?

    • Knit for You Designer says:

      Go to Knitware Yahoo Group and you will find the solution for Win 7. I did and it works fine.

  4. Morag Warag Walker says:

    I will try this as well. I bought the program but was not able to get it on my computer either, then it said it had expired so maybe I could try this. Hopefully. More info later. Morag

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