Pram Or Cot Blanket

Cot Blanket 1

This is yet another pattern from an old Modern Knitting magazine, this time from September 1959.

I am not at all happy with the way this one came out. As you can see in the photo I made quite a few mistakes in the pattern. Despite the Knitmaster 4500’s ability to hold on to stitches it couldn’t hang on to all the stitches in this pattern and managed to drop quite a few. I didn’t notice they had dropped until a few rows after they’d gone so left them all until it was off the machine and tried to pick them up keeping the pattern correct. I obviously got it wrong.

I ran out of the white 3ply so my blanket ended up about 100 rows short of what it should have been. It’s final measurement is 20 x 23 inches.

I had no ribbon to bind the edges so cut an old T shirt into 2 inch wide strips and joined them together. I didn’t do a very good job of sewing this make shift ribbon around the edges, as you can see.

Despite not being happy with the finished result, the pattern does look quite nice. The purl side doesn’t look much from a distance but close up it looks a lot better:

Pattern 1

I actually prefer the plain side:

Pattern 2

Here it is from a distance with the mistakes clearly visible:

Cot Blanket 2

It is quite an easy pattern to knit but I found it time consuming and tedious.

For anyone who fancies having a go at it, here is the pattern:

cot blanket

Click for a bigger view

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6 Responses to Pram Or Cot Blanket

  1. I love the pattern! What a shame after all your hard work to find small little errors like that, I know the feeling for sure, still it is a very pretty pattern and I might even have a go with it.

  2. kelly says:

    I really like the blanket! It looks very nice close up and from a distance. I also think that the t-shirt for binding is a great idea, which will probably wear better than satin ribbon. The instructions do seem tedious, but I might just give it a go.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • susyranner says:

      The edging would have looked neater if I’d bothered to iron it flat but I’m much too lazy!

  3. jenny g says:

    A mum would be very happy to have your baby blanket I’m sure and not notice the “deliberate mistakes” it is very nice, well done Best wishes

    Jenny uk

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