Tuck Stitch Jumper Finished

Tuck Stitch Jumper

This was knitting up fine until I got to the collar then it started to go wrong. It was supposed to have a proper collar and I decided, in my wisdom, to knit it seperate then sew it on, rather than to pick up the stitches and knit it straight onto the jumper – “it will be easier that way” I somehow convinced myself. I attached the collar using the Hague linker, removing the waste yarn that was holding the live stitches before I started joining it. After taking it off the linker I realised my mistake. I had sewn it on the wrong way – the seam was on the outside. I couldn’t take the collar off because I’d pulled out the waste yarn so would probably have unravelled some of the stitches.

This was the point where I became fed up with the jumper and just wanted it done with. So, what to do about the collar. I decided to pull it out to about half way then fold it over to the front and backstitch it into place to make a folded band, hiding the seam in the process. I managed to thread a length of waste yarn through the stitches to hold them then folded the band over and began backstitching it into place. I couldn’t do it. It was easy enough bringing the needle up through a new stitch but going back into the previous stitch to do the backstitch was nearly impossible. I tried my best but was getting more and more frustrated with it so ended up just slipstitching it into place, that way I only had to go into each stitch once. As it turned out you can’t even see the stitching so I got away with it.

Next I had to knit the two front bands. This time I put the front openings of the jumper straight onto the needles so I wouldn’t have to sew the bands on afterwards. I did manage to make a mess of hanging one side onto the machine but I didn’t realise until after I’d knitted it and removed it. By that time I didn’t care anymore so the mistake stays there for all to see.

Jumper Neck

The yarn was a bargain from a charity shop and only cost £4, there is even some left over so I could maybe use it to make a pair of socks or something.

Ball Band

There are no washing instructions on the ball band so I think it will be safest to machine wash it on the woollens cycle. The only information given is this:

Yarn Description

I’m glad to have finished knitting this jumper. It started out OK but ended up being a bit of a pain. Hopefully the next one will be easier.

Talk to you later,



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14 Responses to Tuck Stitch Jumper Finished

  1. Thanks for sharing your finished project. When you tell the problems you overcame, it helps all of us either avoid that situation or handle it when it happens to us. Your sweater looks great.

  2. Anita Nicholls says:

    Hi Suzy, still looks good. Have to say Hague linker is a swear word in my house. Still got it. But it takes up a corner of the room.

    • susyranner says:

      I managed to stab my thumb with the needle when I was sewing the jumper up. I call it “the instrument of torture”.

  3. Yvonne says:

    Very Nice Suzy.The colour is classy. I think Holmfirth Wools do not exist anymore but what is interesting is the meraklon.I have seen it in sport attire.Sounds a pretty good mixture.

    • susyranner says:

      I wish the label gave the percentage of each fibre, I suspect it’s more nylon than anything else.

  4. Linda Say says:

    Very lovely pullover.  I’m knitting up a simular pullover on my LK 150.  Do you share patterns?  And…why is your jumper called a “Tuck Stitch” jumper. Thank you, Linda

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    • susyranner says:

      I do often post the patterns I use in the left sidebar of the blog. I wasn’t going to post the pattern for this one but if you want me to I will.
      It’s called tuck stitch jumper because it was knitted in tuck stitch. I used punchcard no.1 from the basic Silver Reed set and set the carriage fot tuck.

  5. Beverly says:

    Another beautiful job. Hopefully one day I will come close to your skill level!!

  6. Lynn says:

    Love the tuck stitch and really love your collar solution!!

  7. Carol Muller says:

    I think you did a wonderful job…it looks great! Remember, no one EVER looks at our projects as closely as we do!! If you hadn’t mentioned them, we would never have noticed either…

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