A Jumper For Billy

I showed Billy the swatch that I knitted in this post and he said he wouldn’t mind a jumper like that for work. So I made him one, because I’m good like that.

Billy's Jumper

It worked out just how I wanted it to., I’m really pleased with it. Billy has yet to wear it but I know it’s going to keep him nice and warm, it’s so thick.

Did I make a mistake? Of course I did, I always do. No, it’s not the line you can see across the front, that’s just from where it was on the radiator drying after I’d washed it (I always wash jumpers straight after I’ve knitted them). The mistake is something that’s not obvious and not noticable but it’s something I could kick myself for. Usually when I knit something with a punchcard pattern, more often than not I forget to release the punchcard and have to start all over again. This time I made a special point of remembering to release the punchcard when I was knitting the back and was so pleased with myself for not forgetting. The thing is, with this jumper the punchcard is supposed to be locked on row 1! I didn’t even realise until I’d got if off the machine, then the penny dropped. No harm done though, it just means the back doesn’t look ribbed like the rest of it does.

Talk to you later,


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13 Responses to A Jumper For Billy

  1. Oh, this is wonderful! Congratulations!

  2. Yvonne says:

    Looks great Susan!Colour and pattern are really nice.

  3. Jackie says:

    I love the jumper for Billy!!!
    Can you tell us more about the yarn, what machine and was this designed on knitware?
    I love the neckline.

    • susyranner says:

      Thanks, Jackie.
      It was knitted on the Silver Reed SK280 (standard guage) in Hayfield Bonus DK, 100% acrylic and the pattern was created with Knitware.

  4. tildama says:

    It’s so nice Susan – as always, Well in my knitting group, they don’t make “mistakes”, they make “variations”, which I find very comforting.

  5. Morag Walker says:

    Hi Susy It doesn’t matter – nobody will notice!!

  6. ayjaylee1 says:

    I am quite partial to these sorts of “design features” myself LOL!! Looks very nice indeed.

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