Brown Jumper

Brown Jumper


I knitted this on the vintage (1967) Knitmaster 302 using yarn that had previously been knitted and unpicked. The brown was made up of three very fine strands, the cream two thicker strands and the yellow one even thicker strand. Each colour ended up more or less the thickness of 4ply which I knitted at T6. Because it had been knitted before and I hadn’t tried to straighten it, which maybe I should have, it was quite crinkly and the machine didn’t always pick up all the strands in the needle hooks. This is most noticeable in the ribbing where there are little loops sticking out in places but to be honest you can’t even see them in the photo so they can’t be that noticeable, can they?

The other place where there are mistakes is in the fair isle. In a few places one strand of the brown has knitted in with the cream or yellow for a couple of stitches at a time but again, you wouldn’t notice unless you were looking closely at the pattern. If someone was examining the pattern that closely when I was wearing the jumper I think I’d have more to worry about than whether or not they noticed the mistakes!

I was surprised when I joined the side seams as the pattern matched up perfectly – I bet I couldn’t do that again.

Side seam


You can see in that photo where the brown has knitted in with the yellow in a few places. You can also see at the right hand side of the cream section a column of stitches that hasn’t knitted properly. This happened in the same place on both the front and the back which makes me think there’s a dodgy needle although it only went wrong in the cream section, if it was a dodgy needle I would have expected it to have mis-knitted for the full length. Anyway, I’m not too concerned about that mistake, it’s another one that if you didn’t know about it you probably wouldn’t notice it.

I don’t know much about the yarn, I think the yellow might be a wool/nylon mix, the cream a cotton mix and the brown an acrylic mix so who knows what it will look like after it’s been washed a few times.

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23 Responses to Brown Jumper

  1. OMG Susy – that is amazing!! Not only a testament to your exceptional abilities but also to the often overlooked capabilities of the wonderful 302 machine. It breaks my heart to see them selling so cheaply on ebay when they are wonderful machines to knit on. Well done you!!

    • susyranner says:

      Thank you. I’d forgotten how much I like this machine until I brought it back out from under the bed to knit this. I must admit that I chose an easy pattern – less chance of me turning the wrong dial or turning a dial in the wrong direction.

  2. Meg Turner says:

    I’d be proud to have done that sweater! Mistakes? I don’t see any even when you point them out. It is beautiful – and apparently very thrifty!

  3. lilou79 says:

    That’s a great result – no punchcards, no electronics. I’d be very happy to produce a garment like that on my 302. I’m starting with a blanket for my cat and working my way up! I followed your video to do the patterning and it’s an excellent aid.. Thank you.

    • susyranner says:

      Thank you. The only trouble I have with the patterning is being distracted and losing my place on the pattern card, though using a paperclip as a marker helps but only if I remember to move it after each row!

  4. Carol Muller says:

    Looks great in each of the pictures!

  5. Lynn says:

    Oooh thats really nice! Astonished at your pattern match on the side seams…..well done!

  6. landofoznsw says:

    This is lovely do you have a pattern for this Beautiful sweater

    • susyranner says:

      You just need to use a basic jumper pattern then work out where to place your pattern based on how many rows there are up to the armholes. The actual fair isle pattern is from a Knitmaster 302 pattern card, I could scan that for you but it wouldn’t be much use to you if you’re using a punchcard machine. If you’d like a copy of the pattern which I created using Knitware I could email it to you along with my notes on where I added the fair isle stripes.

  7. landofoznsw says:

    ps Willing to pay for pattern

  8. Morag Walker says:

    Hi Susy That is really lovely and it matches. Well done you!!Morag W.

  9. Maureen says:

    great matching. Not familiar with the 302 machine. Will google it. Looks like it works very well for being so old.
    One thing about knitting machines is that they will work even if the lights go out! A good investment in my mind.

    • susyranner says:

      It’s a good machine to use. The patterning isn’t done with punchcards, you have to turn the three dials according to the settings given on the pattern cards. I haven’t studied it enough to work out my own patterns, it’s easier just to follow the cards.

  10. Phil says:

    Lovely to see you back on one of your old machines Susy! My 302 is still under the bed and hope to make use of it again soon!

  11. Margaret Cummings says:

    I can only eco the comments above. Your enthusiasm and the knitting you produce is outstanding !

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