A Quick Question

You may know that I scanned all of my Bond magazines and received permission from Bond to offer them for free download in PDF format here on this blog.

Today I happened to be on Ebay and saw that someone was selling CDs of Bond magazines in PDF format. Out of curiosity I had a look and on examining the thumbnails in the photograph I could see that they were actually my scans. I know this because a lot of my magazines are stored in ring binders and have those little round stickers around the holes to reinforce them – that’s what I saw in the photo.

So this person has downloaded my PDFs free of charge and is now selling them on to unsuspecting people who don’t know they are available free on this blog and making money off them.

What would you do?


UPDATE: I have contacted the seller and asked her to refrain from selling the scans. I await his/her reply.

UPDATE: The seller has removed one listing, have asked him/her to remove the others. I await his/her reply.

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  1. Betty Higginbottom says:

    Report them to EBay

  2. Sylvia says:

    That is awful. I would report them to Ebay immediately. Then, I would find a way to place a watermark on each scan stating that they are yours by permission.

  3. Deb Knight says:

    I wonder if contacting Ebay to let them know that they’re selling your items which are actually free from another source would make them close the account?

    • susyranner says:

      Trying to contact Ebay is nothing but a frustrating merrygoround as I have just discovered.

  4. Judy Buffalohead says:

    First, I’d be very p—-d. Secondly, I’d think about contacting the Bond folks & explaining the situation & see if they have any solution; thirdly I’d think about contacting ebay about it. The difficulty I see is that if there is no “copy write” protection on your data, you may have no recourse. Although the folks at Bond may have a different view of things. Good luck & let us know what develops.

    • susyranner says:

      I was very p—-d but I’m waiting to hear from the Ebay seller before I contact Bond.

  5. V.Signet says:

    That is the problem with ebay.
    I would list your scans as pdf downloads for just enough to cover ebay costs. (a couple of $$). This would undercut the pirate! And help to protect your original.

    I would also contact Bond and advise them of the situation in case they have a proprietary interest.

    • susyranner says:

      I’m reluctant to list them on Ebay mysellf but that’s an option if needs be.

  6. Linda in TX says:

    sic ’em! I’d contact eBay, immediately.

  7. Linda in TX says:

    Why do I have to subscribe, every time I reply to one of your posts?

    • susyranner says:

      I think it’s a WordPress thing. If you ticked the box to be notified of follow up comments they require you to subscribe.

  8. LaVeta says:

    I would turn them in and no longer accept them on your blog

  9. joannedenver says:

    I would contact eBay and Bond to report them!

  10. Lela says:

    I would report them to Ebay. They have stolen your work! People are nuts.

    • susyranner says:

      Tried to contact Ebay but couldn’t o contacted the seller. Will wait to see what happens.

  11. anne says:

    Hi Susy some people are either stupid or greedy. Either way, what this person has done is not exceptable. Some time ago Diana Sullivan had a similar problem. Someone attempted to use Diana’s work and tried to pass it off as their own in an attempt to make financial gain!! Incidents like this are deporable especially when there are Machine Knitting enthusiasts giving so much of their time and energy to encourage and help others. The Bond people and Ebay need to be informed. Kindest regards Anne

    • susyranner says:

      I’ve been in contact with the seller so hopefully the matter can be resolved.

  12. Sorry to here this Susan.

  13. Yvonne says:

    It s dirty Susan.Report this person to Ebay.Don t our fellow men sometimes let us down.I cannot understand this behaviour.

    • susyranner says:

      I would have hoped that people would have used these scans in the way they were intended, as free downloads to share with fellow machine knitters. I’m obviously too trusting.

  14. Carol Muller says:

    Contact EBay and let them handle it

    • susyranner says:

      I tried but to no avail. Hopefully now that I’ve contacted the seller it will be resolved.

  15. maryelens says:

    First, I would send the seller this post. Then, I would phone Ebay. Any time I have contacted them, they have been very helpful. Fact is, YOU are the individual with permission to offer them FREE. They evidently do not have rights to sell. Inform Ebay.

    • Sandra says:

      Yes I would do it the same way, I am sure Ebay will do something about it, I had something similar and that seller is banned from ebay now.

      • V.Signet says:

        I once had a buyer who sent a check on an account that was closed. Ebay was less than helpful and that buyer continues to have an account. Also consider that anyone can simply open another account with a different identity.

        With the web as hard to regulate as it is I would do as I suggested and list on Ebay to offer them at a nominal (Ebay costs) fee and also explain the pricing structure (cost is to cover Ebay costs only) and the reason for listing (these are available for free as a pdf download and the ebay seller of the cd is offering a pirated copy). I would also explain the availability to download for free from your site.

        • susyranner says:

          I am reluctant to list them on Ebay even for a nominal fee. I am hopeful that this will be resolved now that I have contacted the seller, I am just waiting to see what happens now.

          • V.Signet says:

            I have seen many manuals that can be found for free offered on Ebay, and costly.
            I guess this is an option for those who don’t want to take the time to source the free downloads.
            The distasteful side of this is your time to scan and post was/is not honored.

            I would like to also contact the seller and state how disgraceful I find his/her actions. I can easily find the listing myself…would like your permission to do so.

            • susyranner says:

              I received a reply from the seller and they removed one listing which was the specific one I contacted them about. I think they have two or three more Bond CDs listed and I have contacted them again to request that they remove those as well. I am awaiting a reply. Please do contact him/her, it is a UK seller but I’d rather not name them here at this time, all I really want is for them to stop selling my scans.

              • V.Signet says:

                Ok. That is why I asked first!
                Very pleased they responded favorably!!

                • susyranner says:

                  I was expecting them to argue about it but they didn’t, they just removed the listing. Hopefully they’ll remove the others too.

      • susyranner says:

        It’s not that I want the seller banned from Ebay, I just want them to stop selling my scans. I’m hoping it will be resolved now that I’ve contacted him/her.

    • susyranner says:

      I have contacted the seller and am hoping this will now be resolved. Gave up trying to contact Ebay.

  16. Jean Murray says:

    Name and Shame whoever it is Susan – let ebay know as well as anyone else. I watermark my pages, perhaps you could give that a go on future projects. I would be spitting blood if it happened to me

    • susyranner says:

      I don’t want to name and shame them as this matter may be resolved soon. I think watermarking pages will definitely be the way to go with future projects – if there are any.

  17. lilou79 says:

    All the work it took for you to scan them to help other MKers at no charge and (s)he’s trying to profit from them! I would contact Ebay and Bond without delay. The cheek of some people beggars belief.

    • susyranner says:

      That’s what annoyed me the most, all the hours I spent scanning those magazines.

  18. So sorry..all kinds of people out there! Am an RN..so in to documentation.I would make some copies of YOUR info that is available free,along with a copy of the permission from Bond (so authorities know YOU are acting in an ethical,legal way) ,make copies of what she has posted on eBay (make sure everything matches to your own copies – before you do anything so she doesn’t remove her info from eBay before you have contacted authorities.THEN I would touch base with eBay.Are you both in UK? If I haven’t made suggestion clear-let me know-will try to explain more clearly.If the information is still under copyright protection..document that and make this all clear to eBay. I Bought,from a lady in Canada,an original sm. booklet on rug weaving on the KM.She had made copies of the same phamphlet and started selling them on eBay.She was absolutely furious wwith me and very nasty.Item was still under copyright law,BTW. hope this helps..

    Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2014 14:37:27 +0000 To: windspiritranch@live.com

    • susyranner says:

      If this can all be resolved between the two of us I’ll leave it at that but this information will be useful if I need to take it further. Thank you.

  19. Shirley says:

    This seems to happen a lot. Some cross stitch company’s such as The Workbox have stopped giving free charts because people were then selling them on. Reporting them to ebay for copyright infringement might be an idea and putting a watermark on too. You always get these greedy people who want to spoil it for everyone else.

    • susyranner says:

      It’s too late to put a watermark on now as the scans are already out there but I will watermark any future projects.

  20. tildama says:

    How low can they go Susan? This individual is just so incredibly dishonest. So sorry to hear that once again a representative of the ugly minority are spoiling life for those of us in the majority. Everyone has given you great advice about where to start to sort out this problem. I sincerely hope you get to the bottom of this and also have an opportunity to take them to the cleaners. I wish you all the best. You are so very very helpful and kind, I hate to see you taken advantage of.

  21. Morag Walker says:

    Hi Susy Very disappointing but these things happen. I would try to name & shame but you are dizzy trying. Best wishes Morag Walkere

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