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A couple of months ago a lady called Cathy asked on my message board what accessories were made for the KnitKing 4500, which is the same as the Knitmaster 4500. I finally got round to looking through my old Modern Knitting magazines to see what I could find and came up with a few bits and bobs which I thought I’d post here.

Most of you probably won’t find them of any interest at all so you might just want to skip the rest of this post, there are 16 photos.

Cleaning Brush Contest Binder Knitmaster 4500 Bag Knitmaster Automatic Knitmaster Case Multi Transfer Comb Needle Selector New Knitmaster Ribmaster Stitch Selector Super Plus 7500 Table Transfer Tool Wool Winder Twinmatic

I had to include the Pins And Needles knitting contest one just for the Drymaster spin dryer. Was that a Knitmaster product do you think?

I know the last one isn’t relevant to the Knitmaster/KnitKing 4500 but I just had to include it. I’d love to find one of these!

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16 Responses to Old Adverts

  1. Morag Walker says:

    Thank you for bringing back memories of my Mum’s knitting machines from years ago. I remember these adverts!!

  2. Thank you, Susy. These ads help us learn. I have the plastic yarn bowl shown, but did not think of it as a knitting machine accessory.

    • susyranner says:

      My vintage Knitmaster doesn’t have that but I quite enjoy laying the yarn across the needles and once you get into a rhythm it goes quite fast.

  3. Maureen says:

    What a wonderful walk down memory lane. Firstly, seeing things priced in pounds, shillings and pence and also seeing details of this machine which is like the very first one I ever bought. It had the same hard case carrier and the stitch selector was a great tool. Wish I could get one of those today. Thanks for posting all this Suzy.

    • susyranner says:

      I can only just remember decimalisation coming in so pounds, shillings and pence seems complicated to me! I have a couple of the hard cases that I keep spare bits and pieces in for all my machines.

  4. Myra Morris says:

    So interesting. It’s such a shame that there isn’t as much availability of items as then! Happy days.

    • susyranner says:

      I love looking at old newspapers and magazines just for the adverts – they fascinate me!

  5. Getta says:

    It is so very interesting to see how the so called home knitting machines evolved. I love to read the old ads. Thanks for posting this.

  6. mathom says:

    I love old advertisements too. They give a bit of insight into the times. We have a giant old music box (takes a 19.75in / 50cm disc). Above we have a framed advert from 1898 or 99 that shows the original asking price of $45. A princely sum back then. Add a couple of zeroes for its value now.

    • susyranner says:

      And at the time it would have been state of the art, hi-tech. I bet it’s a wonderful thing to have.

  7. Matt says:

    Hi We have one of these knitmaster Twinmatic models its an early one I think as its says ‘swiss and foreign patents applied for’
    If you interested we have just put it on gumtree and open to offers. Also have a Empisal Knitmaster. Both need to go.
    Regards Matt.

  8. I was just gifted a Knitmaster 4500, which I am looking forward to learning about. It appears to be from 1957, from the paperwork in it. My friend said it was the older model and would not take the ribber. I know it is supposed to attach to the bed, but does it attach to the carriage also? I’m also trying to figure out what is wrong with my counter. My roommate got it to zero out properly. He said it needed tension on the back, which doesn’t make sense because the thread doesn’t go there.sigh….

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