Increasing Stitches On The Knitting Machine

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12 Responses to Increasing Stitches On The Knitting Machine

  1. leenrue says:

    thank you for showing me how to add stitches I have been learning very slow and this really helps a lot thank you again and again. from Mary

  2. Lela says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I’m glad you are doing videos again – I have learned so much from you with your past videos. Unfortunately I have been away from my machines for far too long and really need to get back into knitting… Life gets in the way sometimes! Of the methods you showed, which is the preferred method of increasing (or is there one?) They all look great!

    • susyranner says:

      Thanks, Lela. Personally I prefer transferring two stitches then picking up the purl stitch onto the empty needle. I don’t think it really matters which way you do it, it just depends on how you want it to look.

  3. tildama says:

    Thank you for that Susan. I like the neatness of these increases. I was just taking the purl loop from the end stitch and putting that on to a needle to make a newly formed stitch. But the edges were always untidy and I didn’t like it at all. This method will be so much better, so thanks once again.

  4. yvonne says:

    Nice Susan.I prefer the 3 needle transfer.It looks really neat.

  5. Anne Neiman McKeel says:

    Wonderful info ! Love the look of the three needle transfer .
    These beginner videos are soooooo helpful . Thanks Suzy from all of us !

  6. Mary says:

    Thanks, I really enjoy your videos, very clear and useful. I am ready to try a triangle shawl on machine and this will be very helpful.

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