Picking Up Dropped Stitches

I was asked how to fix dropped stitches so I’ve made a quick video showing how to do it.

I hope some of you find it useful.

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20 Responses to Picking Up Dropped Stitches

  1. lilou79 says:

    That’s a really helpful close-up video. Thank you so much for this. I dread dropping stitches and usually have to resort to starting again.

    • susyranner says:

      Sometimes it’s easier just to start again if you’ve dropped a lot of stitches but if it’s just the odd one or two then it’s an easy fix.

  2. Lela says:

    Great video! Thank you for showing how to fix dropped stitches. It really helps to see it in such a clear and understandable manner.

  3. Maureen says:

    Thanks Suzy.

  4. leenrue says:

    thank you Suzy this is much easer then how I have been doing it I love this way now to teach my grandson who drops stitches all the time. He will get to watch this video I am saving to my favorites. thanks again. Mary

    • susyranner says:

      Someone may know an even easier way than this but this is the way I’ve always done it.

  5. Ginny Beltz says:

    Suzy, I loved that I could see the detail of picking up stitches. The video was really clear. Now I am going to practice so when it happens again, I won’t have to start again. Thank you !

  6. yvonne says:

    Hi Susan! Good to see how you get the latch tool behind the knitting.We do have to have alot of patience as machine knitters!!
    Clarity of video is excellent.
    Hope you are keeping well.
    Be seeing you soon!

    • susyranner says:

      Sometimes if it’s laddered too far down I have to start latching up directly behihd the work then stop and put it back in from the top as in the video. Luckily it doesn’t happen that often!

  7. dora says:

    Thanking you again very much i now see where i was messing up and your video was a great big help

  8. Morag Walker says:

    Hi Susy Thanks a lot. it’s better to see it done. Very clear and precise.

  9. Sue says:

    Thank you Suzy, the video is great and you make it look so easy!!
    I will have to practice whilst watching your video. I always seem to focus so much on the dropped stitch that I don’t notice that the stitches on either side have also come off whilst I’ve been fiddling trying to fix the first one. I call this the domino effect :-/

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