Passap E6000

I am re- posting this on behalf of Joan in case anyone’s looking to buy a Passap:

The Rolls Royce of knitting machines. Electronic Double bed knitting machine with stand. A versatile Swiss made machine. Very sturdy construction which produces high quality knitted fabrics and garments from a large variety of yarns. Integral ribber. The electronic programming console houses 66O patterns and 130 knitting technques in its memory.
E6OOO DVD Tutorial. Full set of Tool, orange and black strippers.
C6OO Four way colour changer. Automatic cast on.
Bag of Yarn. There is no motor with this machine, hence the price.
Passap U100E Pattern transfer carriage.
All in best condition. Newly cleaned and services.
Several extra educational books pertaining to the machine with the Instruction Manual and Pattern Guide.
Buyer Collects in Lincoln.
Price £600

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