Comfort Shawls

Anita contacted me with this request:

I would like to learn how to machine knit comfort shawls for cancer patients. Does anyone have a good pattern that they can share or suggestions on yarns and stitches. My big concern is that that edges will roll.
Thank you for all your help!

Can anybody help?

Please leave your suggestions in the comments, thanks.

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10 Responses to Comfort Shawls

  1. Judi Meissner says:

    I knit mine on the passap which is double bed &
    no rolled edges

  2. Judy B says:

    I just made a baby blanket using diana sullivans zig zag racked scarf video instructions. The beauty of it is there is no roll whatever. It requires no edge finishing whatever. Only a little blocking & it is

    Unlike Diana’s instructions, I changed racking directions every 10 rows rather than the 20 rows she demonstrates. It does require a ribber & close attention to the row count & racking directions. Diana’s advice about making cheat sheets is absolutely essential – even withe the cheat sheets I made, it took me several attempts before getting it right!! Tried to attach a pic but wouldn’t work – sorry

  3. Miriam W says:

    A simple tuck stitch with a tension that makes a soft, drapey fabric is nice. A crocheted edging is quite easy and will stop the edges rolling. One row of scalloped crochet gives a good finish.

  4. Karen Heggs says:

    Hi Suzy, I make shawls on my Brother 260 using Drops Alpaca/Silk using Quaker stitch so the edges don’t roll. I cast on 61sts and leave ev 7th n put if work, knit 20 rows at T6. This gives a light open but very warm shawl/wrap. I then turn this panel by taking it off on waste yarn or garter bar and rehanging. I knit about 18 panels which gives a nice long length.

  5. Morag Walker says:

    Hello All Knutters(or knitters like me) I saw a lovely shawl on the guild of Machine knitters website. It was lovely or I’m sure Suzy would have something on here which you could use.

  6. kim says:

    If you have a punch card or electronic machine, Diana Sullivan’s Enchanted Edgings is perfect. DVD and booklet.
    Or you could just knit the edging on the machine and sew it on to prevent curling. What about a fold over edging, using every other row with the center needle out of work? Or reform the middle stitch all the way to the end? Then fold and sew. Haven’t tried this particular design but I have sewn on edgings of different sorts.
    Good luck!

  7. kim says:
    Giana just posted a free sample video with one fold over edging from the above mentioned book on her blog.

  8. susyranner says:

    Thanks everyone, hopefully Anita will find what she needs from your suggestions.

  9. Sheryl says:

    Diana also just posted a video on a non roll edging on her site that looks really cool!!

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