Second Attempt At Cut And Sew

The last jumper I knitted on the Bond was a black aran one with blocks of beige down the centre front. I hardly used any of the beige which was on a 400g ball so I had a lot of it left. I decided to knit a long strip to use for cut and sew but had already packed away the Bond and set up the Knitmaster 302 which is a standard gauge machine. I couldn’t be bothered to take the 302 down and get the Bond out again so I decided to have a go at knitting the aran on the 302.

I knew that it wouldn’t knit on every needle with much success so I cast on every other needle and set the carriage at tension 10. I was expecting it to struggle but it didn’t, the carriage moved effortlessly and in no time I had knitted all of that huge ball of aran.

When I first took it off the machine it looked like this:


After giving it a good tug it looked like this:


So now I know that it’s possible to knit aran on a standard gauge machine. The only thing is that because it’s knitted on every other needle, when you pull it to shape the fabric ends up a lot narrower so knitting an adult sized jumper might not be possible as there wouldn’t be enough needles on the machine.

Now that I had this long strip of aran, what was I going to do with it? I needed more fabric to make a jumper out of it and I only had a part 100g ball of blue aran so that was no good. So I decided to put together something using an old dressing gown (don’t laugh) that’s been in the bottom of the wardrobe for the past year because it was in too good a condition to get rid of. That’s what happens when your Mam buys you one for Christmas two years running! So this is what I had to work with:



I wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out or if it would even work but I had to try it anyway.

This is what I came up with:







I am so pleased with it, it came out exactly as I had pictured it in my head and it fits me perfectly. I love the collar but it might not have worked out so well if I hadn’t read the pattern instructions before I started sewing it in place as Ihadn’t marked it for the centre front. Good job I checked those instructions.

My second attempt has made up for the disappointment of my first attempt. Do you think anyone will guess that I made it out of an old dressing gown?

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38 Responses to Second Attempt At Cut And Sew

  1. Morag Walker says:

    Hi Susy No of course they won’t they will just think it’s an old fleece you didn’t want! I think it’s gorgeous and sooo cosy! Best wishes Morag W

  2. Sherry says:

    Susy! I love getting your updates and the fact that you share your creativity. You bravely try new ideas and it is inspiring to me. This is so well done!

  3. mona says:

    It is very cute!

  4. Else says:

    We will 😉 Those hearts, your mam sure loves you. That collar, wonderful.

  5. leenrue says:

    Only if you tell them lol this is great the neck and arm tops and front will not be as binding and must be much more comfortable with the knitted part making for the give out body needs. You do such great work. Keep it up love it . Mary

  6. maureen says:

    What a great idea. Love it!. The collar is fabulous.

  7. I love that collar!! How did you make it? Is there a pattern?

    • susyranner says:

      I used a dressmaking pattern, ‘Burda Easy’ pattern number 8291. There are different collar styles – plain neck, cowl, shawl, zipped collar and hood.

  8. Margaret Cummings (known as Mrs. Badlyironed, but for some Reason Facebook atfer 9 years have booted me out)! says:

    You just continue to defy all common sense and the text book – well done it looks great !!

  9. patricia morris says:

    lovely looks warm

  10. Debbie says:

    It is lovely.

  11. mathom says:

    Genius. No one will know.

    • susyranner says:

      Apart from everyone who has visited my blog but I don’t think they’ll tell anyone!

  12. Yvonne says:

    So now I am thinking – What’s at the bottom of my wardrobe?
    What a fantastic idea Susan. I would have never have thought of that.
    You are so innovative.It looks great and I bet it is toasty warm!

    • susyranner says:

      I was going to use one of my old jumpers but then I remembered the dressing gown so decided to give it a go.

  13. anne says:

    Such an innovative design. I really love the collar. If Vivienne Westwood can use carpeting and other materials to make clothes (and charge a bundle for her designs) I don’t see a problem with you using the dressing gown.

  14. Dee222 says:

    that is a perfect result and so ‘in’ today!

  15. verna bohnert says:

    OMG, I love it, you are a very clever person! You should be very proud of yourself!

  16. Annette says:

    I absolutely love, love, love it!! You are so clever!! I first ran across your site about 5 or so years ago when I first purchased my initial bond machine thank you so much for all your great tutorial’s Annette

  17. Virginia says:

    What a wonderful idea!! I am going to have to try this as I need to add panels in all I wear in order to get a good fit. Thank you for this.

  18. Milly says:

    Keep giving us ideas , you are good at what you do well done and keep on machine knitting it keeps people going

  19. Helen Kelley says:

    Suzy, it has been quite some time since last on your website. Recently moved to another State, and have found you again. I love this creative garment you have made. Looks cozy and warm!

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