Third Time Lucky

I won an Ebay auction for a Toyota 787 with ribber, lace carriage and stand. A few days later a box arrived containing just the ribber carriage, lace carriage and a few accessories – weights, transfer tools etc. I assumed that the seller must have sent the machine and ribber separately so I contacted him to make sure. Turns out he had packaged them separately but then taped the two boxes together and they have come apart during transit. He didn’t put an address label on the other box and it is now lost somewhere between his house and mine. He’s given me a partial refund but it’s not the money I’m bothered about it’s the knitting machine. I understand the Toyota 787 is the dog’s b*llocks, one of the best. Unfortunately that machine will now probably end up in a skip somewhere.

I found another nice looking machine on Ebay, a Singer Magic Memory KE1200. This machine intrigued me as it takes punchcards but also patterns manually by pressing buttons. The patterning requires batteries and the use of a lever to select the needles. I won the auction and the machine arrived. Unfortunately it had a dent in the case right where the patterning unit is. It was either dropped by the courier or had something dropped on it. I didn’t pay much for it so didn’t bother making a claim for the damage. I’ve had it working but it mis-patterns so I don’t know if that’s because of the damage or if it just needs a good clean. I’ve packed it away and will get it out later in the year, dismantle it and give it a good clean. Maybe I will get it to work properly.
On the same day that I won the auction for the Singer KE1200, another Singer was listed. This was a Singer Memo-matic KE2400 which was in an unused condition. The seller was in my home town. What could I do? I had to bid on it. I was the only bidder and won the auction at a very good price. Within an hour of the auction ending the knitting machine was in my front room! The seller said he had bought it for his Mother in (he thinks) the late 80s but she wasn’t really interested in a punchcard machine and bought an electronic one instead. This machine was put in a cupboard unused and forgotten about. The only thing I needed to do was refurbish the sponge bar.
The machine came with the lace carriage and extensions, a punchcard punch and a wool winder, all unused.
The manual and punchcards were missing so I contacted the seller and he didn’t have them, he couldn’t understand why they weren’t there but they definitely weren’t in the box so who knows. I managed to download a copy of the manual and Maggi from the Knitting Machine Museum kindly sent me photographs of her set of punchcards so I can punch a set of my own.
I have just finished knitting a raglan jumper on the KE2400 and I am very pleased with the way it knits. Once I’ve sewn it up I am going to have a go at knitting a lace top.
I’m really pleased with my new machine and it makes up for disappointment of the other two.

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  1. Meg turner. says:

    I love your enthusiasm and your willingness to build your own machine knitting museum. I always feel guilty bidding on yet another machine and yet they all are loved and have become my children. Thanks for your blog.

    • susyranner says:

      Thanks, Meg. I don’t think I should buy any more machines now, I have more than enough!

  2. Sharon Chickoski says:

    Hi Susie: You must have a whole top floor to yourself and your machines. How I envy you. You will have a whole museum in your home. Have fun with it all. Are you able to have nearly all up and ready to go at once or do have to take some down?

    • susyranner says:

      I have the Knitmaster 4500 set up on a worktop and (at the moment) the Singer KE2400 set up on a knitting machine table. The rest are packed away under that table and under the bed. I have too many but sometimes I can’t help myself and have to buy more!

  3. haley says:

    that looks like a really nice machine I envy you I would like a chunky machine I have 3 I think there standard gauge machines 2 Toyotas and a knitmaster unfortunately my husband says 3 is enough my knitting isn`t very good what I knit always looks scruffy to me espeicially the seams where I sew them together I look forward to seeing any thing you knit on it

    • susyranner says:

      The more you use the machine the better you will get, it just takes practice. The only chunky type machine I have is my trusty old Bond, that was my first machine 30-something years ago – how time flies!

  4. Sharon Chickoski says:

    Me as well Meg. It is a passion and I have to deny myself at every turn because I will have an avalanche if I don’t. LOL

  5. haley says:

    its nice to know there are others out there that like the knitting machine im new to it really I bought 1 the other year and finished up getting rid of it because I couldn`t work it I was sure in my head there was some thing missing there was an instruction book I got my knitmaster last year abd it was the exact same as the 1 I got rid of only this time I found an instruction book turns out I was suppose to use a wire for casting on or as others use a cast on comb turns out it does the same job im still learning

    • susyranner says:

      My old Knitmaster 302 uses wires for casting on, I like that method, it’s really easy. I wonder if the wires would work with my other machines, I might try it some time.

  6. Morag Warag Walker says:

    Hi Susy Thank you for sharing this info with us. What a disaster about the other machine but this lovely one surly makes up for it. What a beautiful jumper as well. Well done you.

    • susyranner says:

      Thanks, Morag. I was a bit narked about the Toyota going missing but you’re right, this one does make up for it, it’s in mint condition.

  7. Sylvia says:

    Oh Suzy, I have been wondering what you were up to. Your new machine looks like a real jewel and being in new condition makes it even better. However, I am soooo sorry to hear about the Toyota 787. I have one and I love it. Being newly retired I finally have the time to really learn all it can do. And, I know it’s selfish, but I would love for you to get one and make videos so I can learn from you. Because, I know you would love it too. With all your knitting talent, you could have loads of fun. Thank you for all you have done to keep the art of machine knitting alive and well.

    • susyranner says:

      Thanks, Sylvia. I was annoyed about the Toyota at first but there’s no point in dwelling on it so I’ve just written it off. The seller has been trying to get it sorted but he’s not getting anywhere with it. He’s been keeping in touch with me but I just decided to settle for a refund. He said if the couriers do happen to find it he’ll let me know but I don’t hold out much hope now. Never mind.

  8. Maureen says:

    Oh Suzy, I know how disappointing it is when something arrives damaged. I blogged about my SK155 when it showed up dented and broken. Your latest machine looks beautiful. Maybe the Toyota will turn up somewhere. Hope you claimed from the carrier, it may give you enough to buy just a machine to go with what you already have. Eventually one might show up on ebay for you. I ended up getting a full refund from the carrier and kept the machine. I fixed it up where it could knit and repaired the top with some superglue and duct tape, so it really ended up costing me nothing and I can at least use it. Could never sell it though but I have no intention of doing so anyway. Hope you get adequate compensation too.

    • susyranner says:

      I never claimed for the damaged Singer, it cost me hardly anything so I didn’t think it was worth the hassle. Anyway, I might get it working properly yet, you never know. I must admit I’ve been quite lucky with all my ebay purchases over the years, I think these two are about the only ones that have gone wrong.

  9. anne says:

    Hi Susy. so sorry to hear about the Toyota parts being lost in transit. Surely the Company he used must have a ‘Dead Parcels’ depot for items which cannot be delivered for one reason or another. Afterall the parcel must be pretty large and heavy. My first knitting machine was a Singer 2400. A great machine and very well made and the punchcards are the same as the Knitmaster/Silver Reed. I gave the machine to the Charity ‘Tools With a Mission’ along with some others which I no longer used. (I still have 8 others) I was given a set of Memory Cards for the Singer Magic Memory 1200 and some needles. I do not know if the needles are for the main bed or ribber but they have a slight curve in the end opposite the latch end. As these items are of no use to me I would be happy to post them to you. Kindest regards Anne

    • susyranner says:

      I went to the courier’s depot in my town and asked them if they would have a look for the parcel but they couldn’t find it. The seller has been in contact with the courier but has had no luck. I’ve written it off now even though I really wanted that machine. Thank you for offering me the memory cards and needles, I will email you.

  10. Judi Meissner says:

    That machine is in excellent condition and glad you were lucky enough to
    find one that special…….. I have an old Brother 892e with a ribber, lace
    carriage and garter carriage and hope to get it producing this year – have
    a baby sweater I want to start with which is very basic
    Judi Meissner
    Knox, IN

  11. Cerita says:

    Both very good machines, I had the Singer and still have the Toyota KS787. They just don’t make machines like these any longer; solid, mostly metal machines. The Singer is so neat with the punchcard in the carriage!!! I got mine shipped to me from the UK :).

    • susyranner says:

      The Singer is a really sturdy machine and the carriage has some weight in it! It feels like it was built to last.

  12. Yvonne says:

    Well that is a to-do
    Susan.What a let-down when you received the first machine. It has to be somewhere!
    Hopefully you can get nthe Singer going.Might be something minor.
    I could make it a permanent habit to buy knitting machines ,if I had the place and the money!
    It is almost an addiction!
    Love the sweater and the new machine looks cool too!

    • susyranner says:

      Oh it’s definitely an addiction. The trouble is that I just want to ‘save’ all the old machines from being sent to the tip! I have to keep telling myself that I can’t save them all. Apart from anything else I’m running out of space to store them.

  13. Jane lee says:

    Third time lucky Susan, that looks a beautiful little machine. People get new machines, take out the manuals to have a read up and then don’t put them back, eventually misplaced for ever.

    • susyranner says:

      I suspect that might be what happened with mine. Never mind though, at least I managed to find a manual to download.

  14. Jewel Nelson says:

    What a whirlwind! But the new sweater turned out great. Gives me something to think about when considering ebay.

    • susyranner says:

      You do hear about things going wrong with ebay purchases but I have always been lucky with mine until now. Well, I suppose it had to happen sooner or later.

  15. Barb kindon says:

    Hi Suzy
    have you tried asking the delivery company to try to trace the machine. After all, it can’t have got lost. It’s too big. I bought 58 books from an ebayer who did the same thing (two parcels taped together). Sadly I received the parcel with 4 books and 54 went missing. The royal mail told me to contact their Belfast office as that is where any parcels unaddressed are sent to be kept for 6 moths until claimed. Sadly they had no parcel of books. That was about 10 years’ ago. Maybe they still have the same policy. Might be worth looking into. good luck. Barb K

    • susyranner says:

      Both myself and the seller have contacted the courier but they haven’t been able to find the missing parcel. How you lose a parcel that’s about 4ft long and weighs about 30kg I don’t know. I believe the seller is still in contact with them but to be honest I’m not expecting to ever receive the machine.

  16. Bente T says:

    Many congratulations on your new Singer Memo-matic KE2400 when it has not been used so is the well again? It’s great to find a machine that is old and yet completely new. It looks fantastic. I am very happy for your findings. It was really too bad with the other machines, but I hope that you are happy with this.

    Many greetings Bente T (DK)

  17. Annette says:

    Your new machine looks beautiful and the sweater is perfect!! Hope somehow you are able to locate the other half of the toyota , maybe if you contact the postal office they can check with the different routes? Machine in the U.S. are more pricey than in UK, some day I will get a ribber for my kh260

    • susyranner says:

      The seller has been chasing the courier for the last month or so but they say they can’t find it. I won’t ever see that machine now.

  18. Annette says:

    I have a Toyota 727 punchcard and had to replace the weaving brushes, no one had them and then I found them on ebay but they were in Australia!! cost me with postage 53.00 for two brushes the postage was more than the brushes lol

    • susyranner says:

      Oh my goodness! That’s the only trouble when parts are so hard to find, you end up having to spend a lot of money.

  19. haley says:

    hi you say you have a knitmaster es 302 that’s my best 1 can you get a ribber for that model and if so what model is it I need to know what to look out for

    • susyranner says:

      I think it’s ER 302, It was made specifically for that machine. You can’t use an SRP 20/50/60, it won’t work with the 302. They are quite hard to come by so you might have trouble finding one.

  20. Ann Poprdan says:

    The Magic Memory was my first machine and I upgraded to the KE2400. The carriage is heavy because the patterning system sits on it. It was so different to the other machines. As you say it knits beautifully.

  21. Kirsten says:

    I’m addicted to these old, rare knitting machines as well – they have such a charme!
    I showed some of them on my blog, I’d be happy if you’d have a look, if you’re interested & curious:)
    You’ll find me and my machines on

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