No More Cut And Sew

As the title says, no more cut and sew for me! I have just abandonned in disgust a cut and sew top I was making. No matter what I do I just can’t seem to be able to get it right. I bought some soluble stabiliser to stop the seams from flaring out and going all wavy. That worked OK but not when I hemmed the bottom. What a mess. I’ve decided it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

I have a length of fabric that I knitted last week with the intention of making a jacket or jumper, I will see what happens with this one but I think it will be my last cut and sew attempt apart from the odd neckline here and there. I was going to make so many things, I read books and websites on the subject but I think my skills on the sewing machine just aren’t good enough for me to achieve decent results.

Oh well, at least I gave it a go.

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  1. Angela says:

    Hi Susan!
    Dont give up on cut and sew, I have something you need to try that works for me, its clear elastic. I did not invent this idea but see it all the time in jersey knits bought in stores.
    I get the clear elastic from ebay, very inexpensive, you can also get it at Joanns. I use it as a seam binding when sewing a lot of things together, including knits. It comes in different widths but I like the narrow ones and feed it along, careful not to cut, with the surger, or with the little zig-zag. Works amazing at keeping the stitches straight and the knits from curling.
    feel free to email me and I can go into more detail and send you pics.

    happy sewing!

    • susyranner says:

      Sounds interesting, what’s the name on the packet, is it just called clear elastic?

  2. Margaret CUMMINGS ~ DONINGTON (Lincolnshire) M.K,. Club says:

    Hi Susan,
    What puts me off cut and sew is using the overlocker.
    I haven’t used one yet !!
    Of course a neck would not need one ………..

  3. Anita says:

    Hi Suzy,
    Don’t give up. I know it’s frustrating. Every time I try it I want to throw my knitting out the window. I say never again and then I leave a while and then have another go.

    • susyranner says:

      I get really annoyed with myself because I can’t seem to do it right. I’m obviously doing something wrong.

  4. Maureen says:

    I have never tried cut and sew because it just doesn’t appeal to me and now I am sure I won’t try it. If Suzy has problems then for sure I would.

  5. Yvonne says:

    Hi Susan! Don’t give up. I haven t got a sewing machine and I just do it by hand. Have to admit that I have only done cut and sew 3 times but what interests me is Angela s post about elastic. That could be a good solution. Bye for now.Yvonne

    • susyranner says:

      I wouldn’t have the patience to do it by hand. I’m wondering if the elastic would be a good idea for me.

  6. Jewel Nelson says:

    Frustrating! So sorry. I’m glad you shared, i was thinking about attempting cut annd sew…i believe i’ll just stick to the regular knit. Cross my fingers for your last project

    • susyranner says:

      Don’t let me put you off trying it, I’m not really that good with a sewing machine so that’s probably one of the reasons I’m struggling with it.

  7. Cheri says:

    Look up O Jolly online. She does beautiful cut and sew and has step by step tutorials. I haven’t tried it yet but I will use her tips when I do.

    • susyranner says:

      It was her site that inspired me to try it but Imseem to be failing miserably!

  8. nurzeV says:

    I don’t have a serger or overlock machine. For knits I use a stretchy stitch on my old Singer (1970s) and a walking foot. Then it is simply a matter of getting the right ratio of stitches for the new edge.

    A serger would be a nice luxury, simply cannot justify one since my basic sewing machine produces good results with a bit of care.

    • susyranner says:

      I couldn’t justify buying a serger so I’m sticking with my basic machine. I just wish I could get the hang of using it for this cut and sew.

  9. Angela says:

    hey everyone, look in the shoulders of some of your stretchier tops to see the clear elastic, I don’t stretch it when I sew it, use it just to lay flat with a zig-zag and it gives the knitted items just a little give with a natural stretch and jump back to shape. If you want I can do some pics of it, let me know, you can email me directly

    • susyranner says:

      Is it the same as using tape to strengthen shoulder seams or am I thinking of something else?

  10. Morag Walker says:

    Hi Susy Oh that’s a shame but I wouldn’t give up so easily!! Just do it bit by bit and copy what it says on the tin!! Use your own instructions, it worked for me and I thought I was THICK!!

    • susyranner says:

      I’ve been doing it bit by bit since Sunday and I’m sick of it now! Maybe some day I’ll retrieve it from the cupboard and have another go at it. If this last one doesn’t work out then I don’t think I’ll bother trying again.

  11. Morag Walker says:

    Hi Susy someone mentioned O Jolly online for the cut n sew but I couldn’t get it anywhere. It kept saying there was no link. Where else can I get this?

  12. Kath says:

    Not sure if this will help, but when I sew knit, I push the fabric in front of the presser foot into it, kind of push it into bunches which then feed into the pressure foot. As I understand it, the feed dogs under the fabric pull the bottom fabric at a different rate than the top. If you have a differential adjustment on your machine that can help. If you can raise the presser foot so the fabric isn’t pressed down so tightly, that also can help. But overall, the best results I get are from pushing the fabric into the foot, especially as opposed to pull it from the back. Also I’m a big fan of basting first and then stitching my zigzag directly onto the basting.

    • susyranner says:

      I’ve been sewing another top today and tried pushing it as you suggested but couldn’t do it easily because of the soluble stabiliser I was using. I did tack it together first which helped and I have had better results than last time. My machine is very basic and it doesn’t have a differential adjustment, I also can’t adjust the pressure on the presser foot – it’s either up or down. I still feel that cut and sew isn’t for me.

  13. debbiezrad says:

    I have had really good luck using sticky back wash away stabilizer that they use for machine embroidery. It holds the knitting in place while you sew. You can tear away most of it after it is sewn and the rest is removed with water or wet rag. The stabilizer comes with a paper on one side. Cut the size that you need, tear the paper away and stick your knitting right to it, works like a charm.

    • susyranner says:

      Thanks for the info, it’s something to think about if I ever decide to have another go at cut and sew.

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