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  1. Morag Walker says:

    Hi Susy This look nice. What tension did you do? I can never get mine correct.

    • susyranner says:

      Thanks, Morag, I used Marriner 4ply acrylic knitted at T7 on the Toyota 787.

  2. verna bohnert says:

    I love this! so classic looking!

  3. says:

    Hi Susan –

    I wonder if you can help – I have recently purchased a Brother 120 fine gauge not realising it was a fine gauge , also a ribber – both new never used – today removed sponge bar and yuk – now replaced – can you suggest the ply wool to use – at the moment I have 3 ply baby acrylics which I think will work – but not much in the 3 ply line I dont want to be restricted to buying a particulary fine yarn – any suggestions.??? and do you know if Patterns for the fine gauge are readily available??

    Or should I sell them both on not sure if any market for them – I dont have a manual have downloaded it – the seller said she had promised the manual to a friend!!!! and as the price was right I went ahead .Would it be OK to print out the free manual to accompany the machines copyright etc., – they have all the accessories outlined in the manual .

    I am really interested to knit that lovely short sleeve blue you did in 4 ply will probably do a few I love short sleeved sweaters.

    Am posting here as did not know where to find to do new post hope you get it


    • susyranner says:

      I have no experience of Brother machines or fine gauge machines so I can’t help you with this. If you are on Facebook you could join the machine knitting group and ask for advice there. There is a machine knitting group on Ravelry and a machine knitting section on Knitting Paradise. Hopefully someone will have knowledge of the Brother 120 and will be able to help. Good luck.

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