Testing The Toyota 787

Today I had a go at testing out the push button patterning on the Toyota 787. It was very easy to do but I don’t think it will be something I do very often, I have become too used to using punchcards for patterning – they are so much quicker.

I followed the examples in the instruction manual to produce these simple fair isle patterns:


Then I tried some tuck stitch:


I then tested out a punchcard as I want to put the pattern on the front of a jumper:

My plan is to make a saddle shoulder jumper in white with black as the contrast colour on the front. I can’t decide whether to do the neckband, cuffs and waistband in black or white, I’ll have to think about it. I’ve already knitted and washed my tension swatch and am just waiting for it to dry before I take the measurements. I’m going to create the pattern using Knitware but I think I’ll also draw the schematics onto a Knit Leader sheet and possibly also a Knit Radar sheet for future use. I really like the look of the saddle shoulder jumpers that I’ve already knitted from Knitware patterns and I’ll probably be making a few more so it makes sense for me to use the charting devices rather than having to create new set of instructions each time. Besides which, I hardly ever turn on the laptop these days, I do almost everything on the ipad as it’s so much more convenient and quicker. I only wish there had been a Knitware ipad app produced before its demise but unfortunately there wasn’t. Never mind, we can’t have everything, can we?

I’ll be making a start on the jumper some time during this week so I’ll probably post updates as I go.

Talk to you later,


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21 Responses to Testing The Toyota 787

  1. Jewel Nelson says:

    Wow! Marvelous–inspires me to pack up sewing and return to machine knitting.

  2. carpar34@bigpond.com.au says:

    Hi Susan – lovely job as usual on he fairisle – you have now motivated me to pull out the Blue Lemair and Empisal both have push buttons selection – so much to do so little time. I am very fond of saddle shoulder they seem to sit just right. so far have not seen a pattern with saddle shoulder cardigan/jacket do you know of any?????

    Thanks for posting
    Sydney Australia.

    • susyranner says:

      If you have one for a jumper you could just do the front in two halves then add bands.

      • carpar34@bigpond.com.au says:

        Hi Susy – Now why did I not think of that simple solution to do 2 halves especially as the idea is in the Bond manual! another Senior moment.

        Found MK Beret pattern for the BOND at “The Yarn Kollection”
        CO 101 sts – KNIT 26 – rows
        Row 27 INC 6 STS EVENLY SPACED OVER ROW!!!!!!!!
        Knit 2 rows
        Row 29 INC 7 STS EVENLY SPACED OVER ROW!!!!!!.

        I can only come up with – Remove sts on length of yarn from mach. return adding the increases – do you think that would work ?? or do you know to inc without removing sts? Thanks for your help.
        Sydney Australia.

        • susyranner says:

          I would knit a few rows in a contrasting coloured waste yarn then remove it, rather than just threading the stitches onto a length of yarn as I find it easier to rehang the work that way. Just a thought though, does your Bond have more than 100 needles?

          • carpar34@bigpond.com.au says:

            Hi Susy

            Thanks for replying yes a friend gave me her old cannabaised bits of Bond including needles so I have a full bed. – will get on to it today.

            Love the jumper will you handsew or put it back on machine to seam? looks lovely.


  3. Yvonne says:

    Hi Susan, nice to get your post after quite a while. The patterns are nice although I have never tried this machine. Looking forward to seeing your saddle shoulder when finished.

    • susyranner says:

      Before I got this machine I had seen it described as the dog’s dangly bits. Having used it I totally agree!

  4. Marg says:

    Hi susan, very inspiring it looks very manly i would love to see the finished garment thanks for sharing
    Tasmania Australia

    • susyranner says:

      Nooooo! Not manly, it’s for me!!

    • Yvonne says:

      That s a good one Marg!! Manly? I think fairisle is good to go for both sexes and I wear and make fairisle for myself and I am part of the ‘fair sex’!!

  5. Maggi Bloice says:

    HI Suzy, the technique I loved this machine for is its ability to produce multi colored Missoni type patterns much easier than other machines and by using the keys – must get mine out and have another play. It’s a seriously one off machine – I have now discovered why my lace carriage does not work – it’s the wrong model for my machine.


    • susyranner says:

      I have four lace carriages and they all look the same apart from the one for the Silver Reed. The only differences in the other three are the colours, if it weren’t for that I wouldn’t know which one goes with which machine.

  6. Morag Walker says:

    Hello Susy These pattern look really nice. The jumper sounds lovely. I look forward to seeing it in stages. Well done.

  7. verna bohnert says:

    Wow, you are getting very good at this, do you like the Toyota, I am looking at purchasing a knitting machine, the only thing I have is the ultimate sweater machine and it is very limited as to what can be accomplished on it! Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to see the saddle shoulder jumper

  8. I love that final pattern, and the colours too! Looking forward to seeing the jumper as it materialises :D.

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