It’s Here!

Dare I hope that Summer has finally arrived?

I hope we’ve seen the last of the dull, gloomy, damp weather for a while.

Edited: once again the wonderful WordPress app published this to the wrong blog. Never mind, it can stay here now, I can’t be bothered to move it.

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11 Responses to It’s Here!

  1. Margaret Cummings says:

    Its been awful the last two days, so warm and humid, but rain rain rain, and a flooded dyke in front of the house !

  2. Ann Poprdan says:

    It’s left here in the southeast. At least it’s warmer but the humidity is so high (76%) I don’t know what I’d rather have. I’ve got no energy to knit. Glad you’e got nice weather.

  3. leenrue says:

    I am glad your weather is going just fine for you I wish I could send you some of the heat we have here we have enough to share with about 5 different places and still be hot here just trying to stay cool. Mary

  4. Karen says:

    Not here Susy! Thunder and lightening with torrential rain in Hertfordshire!

  5. Sue says:

    I’ve been to Darlington!! This time last year we visited the UK we stayed there on the way through to Scotland. We had a meal at an all you can eat restaurant (can’t remember the name??) and the staff were so lovely and friendly. I have good memories of that place!

  6. tildama says:

    Good news Susan! I do hope you are outside enjoying every minute of it. And we here in the southern hemisphere are finally getting some cold winter weather courtesy of an Antarctic blast – I love it! I do enjoy knitting so much more in this weather – finally a reason to wear knitted garments. I am hoping your good weather holds during Wimbledon.

  7. Jewel Nelson says:

    Lovely picture! Your description reminds me of that tree in Harry Potter that literally burst into leaves when summer arrived.

  8. susyranner says:

    Thanks for your comments, everyone.

  9. angela haws says:

    Looks Beautiful Susan! We are in a downpour here, but the garden loves it, so its OK. I have a question for you… I just got a Toyota 787 and its practically brand new but been stored for some time in doors, haven’t set her up yet (have to finish a giant pile of sewing to make room first)
    would love your input on it.
    As I am trying to be an adult and only keep one standard machine I need to pick between the Brother 836E and the Toyota.
    Being an inteligent woman who uses all her machines, what would you suggest/advise?

    best regards!

    • susyranner says:

      Honestly? I would keep them both! I have never used a Brother machine so I can’t tell you which is the better of the two. It could be that one does certain things better than the other or that they each have a particular function that the other can’t do. I like that the Toyota has push button patterning as well as punchcard patterning and you can use the push buttons at the same time as the punchcard to give you more patterning options. I currently have three standard gauge machines set up ready to use and a few more under the bed that I don’t want to part with!

      • angela haws says:

        I actually decided to keep both, after a FB knitting friend laughed at me for considering getting rid of one, since I also have a few under the bed, in each closet and if it didn’t rain I would put one on the balcony, LOL! how could one more make a difference?
        Also doing more research I have realized the merits of each machine, now all I have to do is move the furniture around so I can set them both up. My goal this year is to use up my yarn. 20 years ago my mother and I did a great side business of designing hand made knits and I want to get back into it (with the help of the machines) to make some money while working my other part time job (wardrobe in theater) and of course for the love of creating beautiful things!
        You really are an inspiration especially when I get stuck on something. Watching you work through similar issues with endless perseverance and a great sence of humor is a great motivator to conquer the Machine!

        Thank You!!!

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