How Should I Knit The Sleeves?

I’ve re-knitted the front of the jumper and hopefully will be knitting the sleeves this week but I’d like to ask your opinion on how to do them. The jumper is light blue with navy stripes but I can’t decide how to do the sleeves. Should I do them plain light blue, light blue with stripes, plain navy or navy with stripes?

I’ve (badly) drawn some pictures showing how the jumper might look with each of these sleeve options but I just can’t make my mind up which one to choose. So I’ve made a poll and would be grateful if you would vote for the one you think would look the best. I won’t leave the poll up for long as I’m hoping to start on the sleeves tomorrow but any opinions would be appreciated.

Here’s the poll, I hope I’ve done it right and it works for you:

The poll is now closed.

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2 Responses to How Should I Knit The Sleeves?

  1. KATE PYM says:

    Of course we have to take into account how much wool you have in each colour but I personally would continue as you have begun. Are you going to knit two sleeves at the same time or individually using the row counter. ??

    • susyranner says:

      I’ll be knitting them individually using the Knit Radar but keeping notes of the row counts. If I end up doing the stripes (which it looks like I will be doing) I’m not expecting them to match where they join the body but that doesn’t bother me. I think I will have just enough of the light blue to get two sleeves out of it, I will have to see how it goes.

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