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How Should I Knit The Sleeves?

I’ve re-knitted the front of the jumper and hopefully will be knitting the sleeves this week but I’d like to ask your opinion on how to do them. The jumper is light blue with navy stripes but I can’t decide … Continue reading

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A year ago I started knitting a jumper on the Silver Reed SK280. I got as far as knitting the back. Today I decided to knit the front. I thought I might have to consult the instruction manuals to remind … Continue reading

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WordPress Has Done It Again

So, I was fiddling about with my other blog, thinking of making it public again and decided to change its theme. I viewed the live demo of it and thought “yes, I’ll use that one” so pressed ‘activate’. Then WordPress … Continue reading

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It’s Here!

Dare I hope that Summer has finally arrived? I hope we’ve seen the last of the dull, gloomy, damp weather for a while. Edited: once again the wonderful WordPress app published this to the wrong blog. Never mind, it can … Continue reading

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Sorry if you saw a strange post appear here briefly a few minutes ago, it wasn’t meant for this blog but the ‘wonderful’ wordpress app decided to publish it here instead of where it was meant to go. I deleted … Continue reading

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